Which Past Cast Member Is Returning To The Walking Dead?

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As fans of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead awaits the second half of season three, many wonder what new surprises the series will serve up next. We have been shocked by the numerous deaths of the main cast this season, so it’s no surprise that more deaths will come, but what about the introduction of new characters? We already met Tyreese (Chad Coleman) during the mid-season finale, “Made to Suffer,” but it appears we’re going to be re-visited by another familiar face as well.

According to TVLine.com‘s Michael Ausiello:

When the show returns on February 10, not only will we learn the outcome of the Daryl/Merle showdown, a character you probably never thought you’d see again will put in an appearance, and Rick will do something (literally) everyone has wanted to do at one time or another.

So, who could it possibly be? Well, if you pay attention to the comic book, it’s most likely going to be the character of Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Morgan was the kindly man who helped Rick survive and adapt to the new zombie world back in the series premiere in 2010. He pops back up in the comic book, too, only a bit more grizzled. Since they first met, Morgan’s son, Duane, had turned into a zombie that Morgan still cares for, much like the Governor and his zombie daughter, Penny.

It’s interestingly to note that, when Morgan is reunited with Rick, the group is flushed out of the prison due to zombies overpopulating it. They are now on their way to Washington D.C. as a nearby “safe-zone.” Could The Walking Dead season four head to D.C. as well?

AMC’s The Walking Dead will return with the episode “The Suicide King” on February 10th.


  1. Mike C. says:

    That’s an easy one if you think about it. But I don’t want to spoil it.

  2. TroyDowns says:

    gotta wonder if the show goes on long enough, will it run into the same problem anime and manga run into, the tv shows going so fast that they end up catching up with the manga (or comic) they’re based on, and have to have a ton of filler episodes to waste time (be nice if the tv show lasted that long)

    • DreFactor says:

      you mean season2?
      I imagine the dad and son that took rick in from episode one will return.
      they dont in the novel but it would be nice to see them again.