Meet The International Rescue Team In These Thunderbirds Are Go! Videos

ITV and Pukeko Pictures are remaking Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic sci-fi adventure Thunderbirds, replacing the marionettes with a mixture of practical and digital special effects. Now they’ve released a series of videos introducing the heroes, including the five Tracy brothers and their new pal Kayo.

Wherever disaster strikes, and no one else can help, the team from International Rescue will be there. Departing from their secret base on Tracy Island, the highly trained squad covers the whole world, and beyond. Each one of these videos is a kind of calling card for the core members of the crew, like this first one for Scott Tracy. The clips also give a brief nugget of information about each character, and introduce the various ships that they pilot into action.

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This Thunderbirds Are Go! Trailer Cuts The Strings

I haven’t watched Thunderbirds Are Go! in probably at least a decade, possibly two. But I still have fond memories of the show. How can you go wrong with puppets in space? That’s just a winning combination if I’ve ever heard one. The Gerry and Sylvia Anderson-created series has been in the process of being rebooted for so long that I keep forgetting it’s happening at all. Still, however below my own personal radar this flies, it is creeping along, and this new teaser trailer has shown up online to give you a brief glimpse at the new version.

Scheduled to show up on ITV in the U.K. sometime in 2015, the revamped Thunderbirds Are Go! is a mixture of CGI and live action miniatures, which should be something wholly unique, and they put together an impressive array of talent onscreen and off. Weta Workshop, the special effects house behind all of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films (not to mention Bong Joon-ho’s The Host and Jonathan King’s Black Sheep, both of which I think are even more impressive) is handling that side of things, so you know it will look amazing.



Thunderbirds (Reboot) Are Go!


I think everyone reading this will agree that Saturday mornings are a far cry from what they used to be, both in terms of their enjoyment for adults, and in how lackluster the shows have become. I mean, we used to have Bill & Ted and The Real Ghostbusters on Saturday mornings. Now the terrible animation and pandering live-action shows give me a hangover even when I didn’t drink the night before. Who do I have to smack around to get a marionette team of space adventurers back on my TV?

The British network ITV is bringing back its children’s cult classic, The Thunderbirds, for 2015. The Thunderbirds‘ original adventures took place in 1965 and 1966, and remain as catchy and enjoyable today as they did then. Series creator Gerry Anderson had talked about the show’s revival before his death in December 2012, but mum was the word since then. Now, the highly inspirational puppets and their “supermarionation” will return for 26 half-hour episodes that will be presented as a mix of both CGI animation and live-action sets, while keeping Anderson’s original vision at the forefront. There’s no reason to change the look of the explosions, though.

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