So It Goes: Four Of Kurt Vonnegut’s Best Science Fictional Creations

VonnegutKurt Vonnegut often wrote science fiction, but you don’t often hear him described as a “science fiction writer.” That’s because many of his works, even those packed with science fictional ideas, won widespread critical praise as “Literature” in a time when science fiction was often dismissed as kid’s stuff, somehow less worthy of examination than more mainstream fare. But however you care to label him, Vonnegut’s wondrous imagination spun stories unlike anyone else’s, tackling science fiction notions such as time travel and using them to examine concepts such as free will with great insight and a pitch-black sense of humor.

Vonnegut passed away in 2007, but he would have turned 85 this week. And unlike some ivory towers out there, we here at GFR are all about the science fiction, so we decided to celebrate some of Vonnegut’s most interesting SF ideas. “All of this happened, more or less…”

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