Running Out Of Storage Space At Home? Try The Moon

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self-storage.com-moon-storageHave you ever wondered how much storage could fit on the moon? SelfStorage.com commissioned this new infographic that sheds some interesting light on the topic. And the fact that SelfStorage.com commissioned it at all should tell you something, they’re nothing if not a bastion of scientific truth. And maybe they plan to open an location on the lunar surface.

The question of whether we could, would, or should store anything on the moon is more complicated than it might initially seem. Sure, there’s the prohibitive cost—I mean, you can rent a storage locker on Earth for $19.99 a month. But let’s put cost aside for a minute. Here’s another question: can anyone store anything on the moon? If I had the money, could I put my Garbage Pail Kids collection from the 1980s up there if I wanted to? Or should space on the moon be reserved for valuable and/or historically significant items? Pocari Sweat doesn’t seem to think so, although one could argue that even a can of soda masquerading as a time capsule has its cultural significance.