It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Six-Tailed Comet?

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P5The more we learn about space, the more we realize how much we still don’t know, like how the P/2013 P5 comet got six tails. Or if it is actually an asteroid in disguise.

Astronomers first spotted this object in August, when it baffled them with its appearance as an unidentifiable blurry blob. So they did what anyone in a similar situation would do—recruited the Hubble telescope for help. Zoning in on the mystery object, they found that it was still baffling, as it appeared to be a comet on crack. P/2013 P5 projects gas and dust in all directions, like spinning fireworks or a bicycle wheel. During a two-week window in September, its appearance changed and it seemed to have turned around. The tail also looked like it changed in structure.