Other Places Videos Celebrate Iconic Game Settings From Portal 2, Dead Space, And More

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In any science fiction movie or series, the setting almost always becomes a character in and of itself. Whether unfolding on a distant alien world, a claustrophobic starship, or an alternative version of our own place and time, science fiction needs to provide a world that feels unique and real, so that whatever story is unfolding feels believable and engaging.

For video games, this is all the more true. With games, you’re not just watching a story unfold on the screen, you’re immersed in it, experiencing it, and the best games make you feel that you truly have been transported into a different world. The catch-22 of that reality, however, is that we often miss out on the details of those elaborate game worlds because we’re too busy running, gunning, or driving through it, full speed ahead. YouTuber ultrabrilliant’s “Other Places” series of videos aims to rectify that, providing beautiful tours of some of the most unforgettable game worlds out there, accompanied by thematically appropriate music from each game’s composers.