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The Netflix Violent Sci-Fi With A Fan-Favorite Star Wars Antihero

Elysium, the violent socio-political sci-fi action film starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Diego Luna (known for playing Cassian Andor …

5 months ago

orlando bloom

Orlando Bloom Just Joined A Huge Video Game Adaptation

Orlando Bloom is starring in the new Gran Turismo movie

2 years ago

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo Movie On The Way From Fan-Favorite Sci-fi Director

A new Gran Turismo film is on the way, bringing the world’s best racing game to the big screen, and a fan-favorite sci-fi director has been attached to direct.

2 years ago

district 9 sequel

The District 9 Sequel Is Finally Happening But With Huge Changes

We could be finally getting the much-anticipated District 9 sequel from Neil Blomkamp. But it looks like there will be major changes.

3 years ago

district 9

District 9 Director Is Making A Multiplayer Shooter

The director of the sci-fi movie District 9 is now creating a multiplayer shooter game.

3 years ago

Alien 5 Is Being Worked On, It’s All About Ripley

Franchise producer Walter Hill has put together a treatment for Alien 5 and it’ll only happen if Sigourney Weaver is on board.

4 years ago

District 9: What Happened To The Sequel, District 10?

given the wonderful science fiction storyline, the raving critical response, and its extreme profitability, there would be a sequel. Right? It was going to be called District 10, right? Not so fast.

Neill Blomkamp Might Be Planning More Than One Alien Movie

Between Chappie opening this weekend (though to less than enthusiastic reviews and soft box office) and all the talk of …

9 years ago

District 9

Here’s Why Neill Blomkamp Won’t Make District 10 Anytime Soon

Neill Blomkamp has been a hot topic of conversation lately. His robot drama, Chappie, just opened wide today, and stealing …

9 years ago


These Alien Makeup Test Photos Show A Tough, Grizzled Hicks

All we really know for sure about Neill Blomkamp’s next project is that it is in fact an Alien film, …

9 years ago

Chappie 5 Is Alive In This Chappie/Short Circuit Mashup

Since we got our very first look at Neill Blomkamp’s new robot drama Chappie, which finally opens in theaters this …

9 years ago


Neill Blomkamp Responds To Worries That His Alien Will Rewrite The Timeline

The other day there was a big brouhaha on the internet because of what Neill Blomkamp said about his upcoming …

9 years ago


This Is The Holdup With Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie

Early this year, Neill Blomkamp released a bunch of concept art for an Alien movie he had been working on. …

9 years ago


These Two Chappie TV Spots Emphasize The Softer Side Of Robotics

South African director Neill Blomkamp is back with his follow up to 2013’s Elysium, which left many audiences flat, with …

9 years ago


This UK Chappie Trailer Show That The World Is Scared Of A Teenage Robot

Just the other day, we got our best look yet at Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming robotic actioner Chappie in the form …

10 years ago


Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie Reveals Poster Art At Comic-Con

Neill Blomkamp established himself as one of the most exciting new filmmaking talents working in science fiction back in 2009 …

10 years ago


Halo Circles Back Around — The Life And Death Of Halo: The Movie

“A clusterf**k from day one.”

10 years ago


Neill Blomkamp Could Direct The Steven Spielberg Produced Halo Pilot

Last May the news came out that we are going to get a live-action Halo series for Microsoft’s new Xbox …

10 years ago

Elysium Movie Review: Does Matt Damon’s Sci-Fi World Hold Up?

Does Neill Blomkamp’s surpass District 9?

11 years ago


Sharlto Copley Gets Hardcore First Person P.O.V. Sci-Fi Action Flick

Every cinematic genre has actors that rarely stray from their comfort zones. Generally, comedians and dramatic actors that tend to …

11 years ago

Elysium Will Be Released In IMAX Theaters

When Pacific Rim opens this weekend, hopefully to explosive box office numbers, you’ll have the chance to catch it on …

11 years ago

New Video For AGM Heartland, Neill Blomkamp’s Secret Project

Director Neill Blomkamp had a small, sci-fi alien mutation project with the code name “AGM Heartland” in the works, before …

12 years ago