The Modern Twilight Zone Twitter Drags Rod Serling’s Classic Series Into The 21st Century

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SerlingSubmitted for your approval: your average social media experience takes on a strange new reality as Rod Serling’s poltergeist starts sending you new Twilight Zone pitches in 180 words or less. These aren’t just recycled plotlines from Serling’s seminal science fiction series, mind you. No, these are entirely new twists on our modern world, a world of Instagram and Netflix and Starbucks lined up two or three per block. You are entering a world of The Modern Twilight Zone on Twitter, which is regularly serving up 21st century twists on Serling’s iconic anthology series.

The Modern Twilight Zone Twitter has been up and running for several months now, and what’s interesting is that it’s not just the simple punchline farm you might expect. It would be easier to just parody the storytelling style and trademark twists of Serling’s beloved Zone, but TMTZ doesn’t seem to be interested in just going for the laughs. Some of the tweets are funny, but for the most part they are earnest attempts to imagine Zone-style stories grounded in the realities of modern day-to-day life. What spin would Serling have put on Facebook, for instance?