Galaxy Quest: Check Out The First 5 Pages Of The Comic Book Here

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Galaxy QuestNo matter how much we want it to be true, no matter how many reports we hear of a finished script, and even though most, if not all, of the key cast members have said that they’re down, we’re not going to get see Galaxy Quest 2 anytime soon. That’s just a sad fact of life we’re going to have to get used to. We don’t have to like it—if there was any justice in the world the film would have been a massive box office smash and we’d be complaining about too many sequels—but if we spend too much time dwelling on it, we’ll just drive ourselves nuts. That said, we can experience new adventures of the crew of the NSEA Protector, though it is in comic book form, and now you can check out the first few pages of the inaugural issue.

Issue number one of the IDW series, Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, has finally arrived in comic book stores and various online retailers across the land, and just in case you have any hesitations about picking this up, they’ve released this handful of pages, as well as a couple variant covers.