Falling Skies Unused Concept Art Is Better Than The Stuff That Made It Into The Show

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Falling2TNT’s Falling Skies is one of those frustrating shows that always seemed to waver between bad and juuuuuuust skirting the edge of being really good. I finally bailed on the show this past season, but one of the things that I did always consistently enjoy while I watched it was the show’s design work. Whether it was the insectoid Skitters, the lithe and powerful Espheni, or the lumbering mechs that were always making life miserable for the 2nd Mass, the world of Falling Skies usually looked really well-realized, especially for a basic cable show. Still, I can’t help but wish some of these amazing alien designs by artist Nuttavut Baiphowongse had actually made it into the show.



Falling Skies Gets A Fifth Season But It Will Be The Last

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Falling SkiesWhile we’re getting a ton of new science fiction shows coming up from the likes of the Syfy network, but we’re also going to lose one fan favorite. Right now we’re at roughly the half way point of season four of TNT’s alien invasion drama Falling Skies. The cable network just announced a fifth season for the series, which should be enough to make fans happy, but at the same time, they also revealed that this fifth season will be the last one we get.

According to Deadline, the choice to end the run after the fifth season didn’t come from some network decree, but rather from the producers themselves. The report states that after four years the creative team feels that the series is coming to a close and they want the opportunity to wrap up the continuing action and conclude the show in the exact way the want.


Comic-Con 2014: Fourteen Panels You Don’t Want To Miss On Friday

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Comic-Con 2014 is only a week away. Thousands of fans and professionals will descend on San Diego and bury it in a thick coating of nerd several feet deep. There’s really nothing else like it, but the more years pass, the more overwhelming the Con becomes. There’s so much going on, it’s a monumental task just to figure out which of the countless panels and events you want to try and see. Well, we’re here to make your life just a little bit easier. Over the next couple of days, we’ll run down all the panels that should be at the top of your to-do list. Here are our picks for the Friday events you can’t afford to miss!


WDeadAMC’s The Walking Dead (12:20pm – 1:20pm, Hall H)
The first massive Hall H presentation of the day puts the spotlight on AMC’s runaway hit zombie drama. In addition to a preview of season five, the panel and Q&A session will include a good chunk of the cast and crew. You’ll be able to toss your questions at actors Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yeun (Glen), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Melissa McBride (Carol), Chad Coleman (Tyreese), and Michael Cudlitz (Sgt. Ford). On the crew side, you’ll get showrunner Scott Gimple, executive producer/creator Robert Kirkman, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer Dave Alpert, and special effects makeup supervisor and executive producer Greg Nicotero. Nerdist mogul/Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will once again moderate the proceedings.

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Defiance & Falling Skies Return: This Week’s Sci-Fi Television

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DefianceOrphan Black wraps up its second season on BBC America this week, and Continuum is in the final stretch of its third on Syfy. We need some more science fiction TV to entertain us during the brutal summer heat, when it’s too hot to go outside without one of those reflective suits from Sunshine. Thankfully both Defiance and Falling Skies are kicking off their new seasons this week

Defiance returns to Syfy this Thursday night, June 19. I’ve been rewatching the first season in preparation and I’m enjoying the show a lot more than I did initially. I still think it’s got potential it hasn’t reached yet, so hopefully season two is where it will really hit its stride. The show will also be growing its cast this year, adding several newcomers including Terminator icon Linda Hamilton, who will be guest starring as Pilar McCawley, the ex-wife of Rafe (Graham Greene). Showrunner Kevin Murphy said Pilar “will simultaneously make you cry and scare the crap out of you.” If you didn’t check Defiance out last year, it’s available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime. Here’s the official synopsis for Defiance season 2:


Falling Skies And The Last Ship Trailers Paint A Bleak Future For Mankind

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TNT hasn’t traditionally been a place that springs to mind when you think “science fiction,” and when it did, the associations were mostly negative — this is the network that brutalized J. Michael Straczynski’s short-lived Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, if you recall. That changed beginning in 2011, when the explosively monikered cable net premiered Falling Skies, the Steven Spielberg-produced alien-invasion series that enters its fourth season this June. The men and women of the 2nd Mass. have been through a lot during their long guerilla struggle against the alien occupying forces of the Espheni Overlords. From the look of the latest trailer for season four, which you can watch above, things aren’t going to be getting any easier for Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) anytime soon.


Falling Skies Season 4 Gets A Trippy First Trailer

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For its first couple of seasons TNT’s Falling Skies seemed content to be just another one of the many post-apocalyptic shows already wandering around television. It was good, and while it kept hinting at stranger things, for the most part it did little to differentiate itself from the others even if it had aliens. Then last season, the show started to go completely nuts.

Now Falling Skies is on the precipice of turning into something truly strange, unique, and maybe even great. Whether they’ll pull it off depends on what they do in Season 4, and if the show’s new Season 4 trailer is any indication, things are going to get every bit as weird as they need to.

When last we left the tattered remnants of the human race, Tom Mason the sort-of president’s wife had given birth to some sort of human-alien hybrid and been kidnapped by our alien overlords. Mason had stopped moralizing and turned into the guy who just shoots motherfuckers who mess with his family (awesome) and his daughter aged 6 years in two months. The humans are teaming up with other types of aliens to wipe out the ones who attacked them, and things seemed on the verge of coming to a head.

If this trailer is any indication of what we can expect from Falling Skies in season 4, then this show could be about to explode.

Falling Skies season 4 will premiere on TNT June 22, 2014. Expect 12-episodes this season, instead of the meager 10 they did in season 3.