Alien Nation Is Getting Rebooted Yet Again

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AlienNationIt’s been a quarter century since Rockne O’Bannon’s Alien Nation first hit theaters and introduced us to the charming, cantaloupe-headed, sour-milk-drinking, not-fans-of-seawater alien Newcomers who wound up stranded on Earth after landing in the Mojave Desert. Since that original film, it’s been resurrected as a Fox TV series, five TV movie spin-offs of the show, and a series of related books and comics. Well, nobody’s poked at it for a couple of years now, so here comes the inevitable: The Tracking Board reports that Fox is developing a feature film reboot of the franchise.

Both the original Alien Nation film and the show that followed were essentially buddy-cop stories with a sci-fi twist, pairing a human detective with a Newcomer partner (played by James Caan and Mandy Patinkin in the original film, respectively) and letting them solve crimes while bickering good-naturedly and aww man now I’m sad about Almost Human getting canceled again. This new version is said to be sticking with that same basic concept, and executive producers Mark Roybal and Ryan Jones are currently looking for the right writer for the project.