Cookie Monster Is From Mercury

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Have you always wondered what strange and wonderful world that venerable Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, originated on? Like so many Jim Henson creations, he’s obviously not of this Earth (though it’s possible he’s the product of the consumption of a sizable dose of hallucinogens).

Well, now there’s indisputable photographic proof that Cookie Monster is from Mercury. Seriously, someone carved a giant Cookie Monster face into the surface of the closest planet to our sun. Who would do that? Only other Cookie Monsters, or perhaps an as-yet-unknown race that worships Cookie Monster as a deity. Take a look and decide for yourself.

This photo comes from NASA, and as much as we all want this to be Cookie Monster, the image is actually of a collection of craters on the surface of Mercury. What appear to be the eyes of the popular blue, dessert-munching puppet, are really a pair of younger craters hanging around at the edge of a much larger, older, and presumably wiser, crater.

Sadly, this means there is no cult of beings that celebrate Cookie Monster as a holy entity. At least not on Mercury. While that is certainly disappointing, this particular view, and the data it gives researchers into Mercury’s surface, allows new insights into “the geological history of different regions of Mercury’s surface.”

It may not be as cool as a bunch of Sesame Street fans running around the reaches of space, but it isn’t bad. And Cookie Monster is nothing if not a supporter of education and continual learning.