Amazing Video Of Nearby Stars With Planets Will Humble You

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Did you ever have one of those days when everything was going just perfectly? Woke up after a perfect night’s rest, had an exquisite breakfast — mostly just bacon wrapped bacon — and had nothing but good news fall into your lap as you jubilantly frolicked through your day? These days are rare, but are indeed the ones that we should cherish the most. Because for some people, their best days consist of creating amazing videos that just suck the personalized optimism right out of the room.

“Reconnaissance of the HR 8799 Exosolar System: A Digital Universe Journey” doesn’t come rolling off of the tongue very easily, but this awe-inspiring video will probably leave your tongue hanging out of your mouth. Directed by Brian P. Abbott, in cooperation with the American Museum of Natural History, the short film will complement a study that AMNH astrophysicist Ben R. Oppenheimer and colleagues will publish in Astrophysical Journal.

The study details the recent findings of the four planets around the star HR 8799, which float through the cosmos 128 light years away from Earth. It was the first time astronomers have achieved a “remote reconnaissance of a solar system,” and their findings showed an array of odd developments, including differing planetary chemical compounds, and a sun much more powerful than our own. And while these facts may have a far-reaching effects at some point, this video is effective right here and now.