Jurassic World: Four Big Questions About The Super Bowl Trailer

“You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.”


Here Is Everything Wrong With Lucy In One Convenient Video

Last summer, Luc Besson’s Lucy was something of a surprise hit. The Scarlett Johansson-starring actioner is crazy and over the top and lets just say there are some jumps in logic, but it’s also a damn ton of fun. You probably already guessed this was coming, and now Cinema Sins has unveiled one of their ubiquitous “Everything Wrong With…” videos for Lucy.

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Harrison Ford Was Seriously Injured In A Small Plane Crash: UPDATED

Harrison FordIt’s being reported that Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash. There aren’t tons of details, but reports say that though he sustained substantial injuries, he did survive the impact.

Ford is well known as a pilot, and according to TMZ, who first reported the incident, the Star Wars star was flying a vintage two-seat plane when something went awry and he crashed on Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California at approximately 2:25pm



Jenna Coleman Was Originally Going To Leave Doctor Who, Get The Details Here

Jenna Louise ColemanLast fall, questions swirled about whether or not Jenna Louise Coleman, who plays the latest companion on BBC’s long-running Doctor Who, was going to remain on board the TARDIS with Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord or branch out and explore other career options. She ultimately signed on for another season of adventures through time and space, but now showrunner Stephen Moffat reveals that she was originally going to leave.

Before last season’s Christmas special, there were reports that Coleman was moving on afterwards. There was, of course, contradictory information that said she was staying, and the actress herself played coy, not saying one way or another. As it turns out, Moffat says she was supposed to leave, but not when people necessarily thought.

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These Alien Makeup Test Photos Show A Tough, Grizzled Hicks

AlienAll we really know for sure about Neill Blomkamp’s next project is that it is in fact an Alien film, taking place somewhere in the universe that Ridley Scott created back in 1979. According to some, it could be a prequel, or it could discount the events of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. It does sound like Sigourney Weaver is going to be back as cinematic badass Ellen Ripley, and Michael Biehn might be back as Corporal Dwayne Hicks. He appears in Blomkamp’s concept art and when asked, said he has been contacted (I guess it’s possible he could play a character besides Hicks).

In Blomkamp’s pictures, Hick’s face is half melted, presumably by the highly corrosive Xenomorph blood. While this looks pretty damn awesome, David Woodruff and his special effects company, Generation Effects Inc, cranked things up a few notches. He and his team did a makeup test based on the concept art, which shows what Hicks could look like in real life. We ran across these photos at Terminator Fans, and they’re awesome.

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The X-Files Is Leaving Netflix This Month, Here Are The Details

x-files fight the futureThe rise of streaming services like Netflix has allowed us to binge like we never have before, but it has also lead a new problem that we never would have expected to arise before. As rights and deals run their course and expire, easy access to shows comes and goes. Every month, Netflix adds more titles to its list, while at the same time others disappear. Some come back eventually, others don’t. There was a big to-do a while back, when it looked like Doctor Who was leaving the streaming service (it didn’t), and Red Dwarf is no longer available, and now it looks like if you want to marathon The X-Files, you better do it by the end of the month.

You can handle that, right? Watching nine seasons, all 202 episodes of The X-Files in less than a months? I have faith you can pull this off by April 1. You may have to call in sick to work, but that’s a small price to pay. What are you doing still reading this, you have more important business to take care right now.

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Chappie 5 Is Alive In This Chappie/Short Circuit Mashup

Since we got our very first look at Neill Blomkamp’s new robot drama Chappie, which finally opens in theaters this weekend, there has been discussion about how much the film, or at least what we’ve seen of it, resembles another similarly themed movie, Short Circuit. Such talk has been so prevalent that that I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner, but here it is, the inevitable Short Circuit/Chappie mashup. Check out Chappie 5 is Alive below.

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