This X-Wing Coffee Table Is The Coolest Thing That No One Can Afford

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

How do you express your Star Wars fandom? There are many ways to display your fondness for George Lucas’ beloved space opera. Sure, you marathon the original trilogy every few months, and even give Episodes 1-3 their due from time to time. Posters on the wall and t-shirts on your back are one thing, cosplay is another level altogether, but here’s a little artifact to launch your zeal into the stratosphere.


This X-Wing Fighter coffee table says something to anyone who walks into your home. It says, “Why yes, I do care more about Star Wars than I do about having a coffee table that actually functions as a coffee table.”

While this handcrafted piece by Sean Reagan and Aubrey Cohan is stunning to behold, there’s no arguing that you might run into some issues when it comes to utilitarian purposes. The glass panel that forms the surface of the table is embedded between the top and bottom halves of a very detailed carving of an X-Wing Fighter. Though this looks incredibly cool, and will make most Star Wars enthusiasts drool, the figure also takes up a great deal of surface space. This makes it difficult to store magazines, books, DVDs, tasty beverages, remote controls, and all the myriad items one often keeps on a traditional coffee table.

This isn’t meant to disparage this table—it’s by far the best piece of furniture we’ve witnessed in some time—but we hope this instills a beat of caution should you attempt to recreate such a decorative fixture. We want you to be well informed and have all the facts when making home décor decisions. Know what you’re getting yourself into.

It also costs more than $60,000. That might give some of you pause.