The X-Files May Come To Blu-Ray In 2013

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

I’ve had a strange craving to rewatch The X-Files lately, and I’ve nearly started it up on Netflix several times before getting distracted by other things. Now it sounds like I might want to hold off a bit, because rumor is that Fox will be bringing The X-Files to Blu-ray sometime in 2013.

The word comes from the always-excellent folks over at The Digital Bits, who say that their sources are saying that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is eyeballing a 2013 release for the X-Files Blu-rays. Even better, it sounds like they may be planning an ambitious polish and upgrade for the series, along the same line as what CBS has done with Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation. I never would have thought those shows could look as good as they do, but CBS has proven both that it can be done and that the fans will jump at the chance to own high-def versions of their favorite shows from earlier decades.

The Bits folks don’t say if the 2013 date would mark the first of a season-by-season release for the show, as Trek has been doing, or if they’re planning to release the whole series at once. Given how much work a project like this entails, I’m guessing it will be the former. Don’t be surprise if the fanboy/fangirl in your life has The X-Files: The Complete First Season Blu-ray set on their Christmas list this time next year.

Here’s some more food for thought: X-Files star David Duchovny mentioned a few months back that he’d be open for a third X-Files movie. We haven’t heard anything else about it since then, and it’s most likely just wishful thinking…but Hollywood does love it some cross-marketing. I wonder if these ambitious new X-Files plans might be intended to test the waters before announcing a third film. The truth is out there…