Watch Pacific Rim’s Stunning Opening And Closing Credits

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

By now many of you have seen Guillermo del Toro’s monsters versus mechs adventure Pacific Rim, though not nearly as many as should have seen it, considering the weekend box office results. Seriously, more people wanted to see Grown Ups 2 than Pacific Rim. I might just have to find a tall tree and hang myself, I don’t know that this is a world I want to live in. While the film is far from perfect, it’s as much fun as I’ve had at a the movies this year. It really does make you feel like a kid on the playground, smashing your toys into each other, and having a blast.

If you’re still on the fence about the film, and if that is the case we must have serious words, now you can check out the opening and closing credits from Imaginary Forces. They’re pretty cool, and perhaps they’ll change your mind and make you get your ass to a movie theaters ASAP.

The opening sequence is a quick hitter, and is the less impressive of these two videos. It has a vague Game of Thrones feel to it, though it is significantly less epic in scale, but it does hint at things to come. Then again, when you’re waiting to monsters fight machines, you don’t want to waste a bunch of time getting there.

Here’s what IF has to say about the sequence:

A foreboding war room map collapses inwards, enveloping the emblems of fallen heroes. IF Director Miguel Lee worked with the film’s director Guillermo del Toro to create this ominous prelude which ushers us into the apocalyptic world of Pacific Rim.

While the opening credits nice, the real show is the end credits. The camera pans and dissolves through a collection of slick, metallic Jaegers, and snarling Kaiju, locked in various action poses and scenes. If nothing else, the animation is astounding, crisp and clean and sharp. I’d watch a movie of just this.

More than anything, as cool as this is, these credits call to mind scenes from some of the classic Japanese cartoons that served as inspiration for Pacific Rim. Specifically it reminds me of the likes of Robotech and Voltron, the kind of animation that gives you the impression of action and movement, even though the images practically still.

IF has this to say about the end credits:

As the smoke clears from the epic battle, we venture through a panoply of monsters, machines, and their monumental feats. IF Creative Director Miguel Lee and his team worked closely with the film’s director Guillermo del Toro to present his colossal creations in stylistic fashion, combining macro-photography and a graphic novel aesthetic in stereoscopic 3D.

By this point you’ve probably heard, or just assumed that you should stay through the end credits for a bonus scene. I was at the end of a 15-hour day, so even though I knew I should probably wait it out, I skipped out while the credits were still rolling. I know, I know, I’m a terrible fanboy, but sleep is a powerful thing. So I’m waiting for someone to post it online, or at least give me a description. I’m dying here.