Transformers: Age Of Extinction Shows Some Skin In This Clip And Featurette

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

The biggest spectacle of the summer is nearly upon us. In less than a week, Michael Bay delivers the fourth installment of his multi-billion dollar franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction. I envision constant explosions and no single shot that lasts more than three-quarters of a second. It looks totally nuts. So far, the Transformers movies have been critic-proof, and regardless of what anyone thinks of the movie, I fully expect this to be one of, if not the biggest movie of the summer. Even though Paramount can pretty much print money with these movies, they’ve never been one to short-change the promotion process, and they’ve released another clip from the film, as well as a featurette digging into the IMAX and 3D portion of the process.

This clip places the human element of the film front and center, focusing on Mark Wahlberg’s inventor Cade Yaeger. He’s just your average Joe, living life, trying to make ends meet, scolding his daughter for wearing really short shorts, right as Bay delivers an extreme close up of the offending garment. That is going to be one giant ass projected onto the screen.

As the story goes, a number of years have passed since the climactic battle at the end of Dark of the Moon leveled most of Chicago. In the aftermath, public opinion has turned against the robots in disguise, and they have been outlawed, both good and bad. When Cade comes across what he thinks is a beat up old truck, it turns out to be none other than Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots himself. This kicks off a series of events that leads to yet another large-scale conflict—would Bay have it any other way? Age of Extinction introduces a harsh new menace, the villain Lockdown, and this time the battle is for the survival of the human race.

The whole point of this IMAX featurette is that Michael Bay goes big, Michael Bay goes bigger than anyone else, and with this new technology, he’s going even bigger than he’s ever gone before. I’m not a fan of the Transformers movies, but there’s a part of me, albeit a small one, that is weirdly excited for Age of Extinction. I love Bad Boys II because it is the single most absurd, over the top, excessive movie ever made, but this time it looks like Bay might just top himself. Come on, there’s a giant shape-shifting robot riding on the back of what is essentially an even bigger robot dragon. It’s like he sat down with every scene and asked himself, is this completely insane? And if it wasn’t, he hacked it out and replaced it with something that is.

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens everywhere June 27, and you still aren’t sure how nuts this movie is going to be, just take a look at this poster. This one image says more than all the words I’ll ever be able to string together.

Transformers Age of Extinction