Transformers 4 Script Leaks, Michael Bay Says It’s A Fake

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

michael-bayTransformers 4 is only a year and a half away from opening in theaters during the summer of 2014 but apparently the script has already leaked. The script features more Transformers than any of its previous films. It was also revealed, the villain of the fourth feature film will be the giant planet eating Transformer Unicron. Only hours after reports got out about the leaked Transformers 4 script, Michael Bay publicly disowned the pages by calling it a fake.

Uncovered and unearthed by, the leaked Transformers 4 script gives plot details and a list of Transformers that will appear in the movie. Mark Wahlberg’s character will be a military man whose teenaged daughter turns out to be the semi-cyborg Josie Beller/Circuit Breaker. From the UTF synopsis:

The script begins 4 years after DARK OF THE MOON, in the midst of yet another destructive meteor storm. The opening is very much like the other films, with a generic “crisis montage”. All the major news networks are scrambling to cover the event, fearing that another alien attack is on its way.

Cut to a giant metal space ball, hurtling through the atmosphere, landing right beside Stonehenge. It creates a cylindrical portal and launches an unseen entity into another dimension. As you can imagine, this agitates pretty much everyone, and the Autobots assemble to figure out what the hell is going on.

Eventually we discover that this giant ball is actually a space ship, designed by an ancient Autobot known as Vector Prime. He’s the guardian of Primus, the one being in the universe that can defeat the planet eating Transformer, and main villain, Unicron. So, Optimus and a handful of Autobots have a grand ol’ time hanging out with Vector Prime, trying to locate Primus.

A few hours later, Michael Bay was quick to point out on his website that the script unleashed by UTF is a fake. Michael Bay points out his team has only written 70 pages of the Transformers 4 script and the leaked script surfaced at 120 pages. Bay debunked to rumors,

“Some Internet sites this morning reported that some document recovery guy has found a legitimate 120 page script of Transformers 4. I can absolutely 100 percent say this is completely false. The only two people in the world that have our unfinished script are Kruger and myself. Also we are only up to page 70 in our T4 script. Maybe this guy has a cartoon or something else – but definitely not our movie!”

So what’s the big surprise; that Unicron and Vector Prime might appear in the new film or that there is actually a script for Transformers 4? Whether or not, the leaked script is a real one or fake, what UTF may have found might be a script for an animated feature.

Although, Michael Bay has used his personal site to address Internet rumors like Mark Wahlberg NOT being cast in Transformers 4 before it was official and addressing the leaked script of the Ninja Turtles project right as the project was put on hiatus for script revisions. In both cases, the rumors turned out to be true so maybe there’s some truth in this alleged Transformers 4 leaked script.

Transformers 4 will open in theaters everywhere on June 29th 2014.