This Thunderbirds Are Go! Trailer Cuts The Strings

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

I haven’t watched Thunderbirds Are Go! in probably at least a decade, possibly two. But I still have fond memories of the show. How can you go wrong with puppets in space? That’s just a winning combination if I’ve ever heard one. The Gerry and Sylvia Anderson-created series has been in the process of being rebooted for so long that I keep forgetting it’s happening at all. Still, however below my own personal radar this flies, it is creeping along, and this new teaser trailer has shown up online to give you a brief glimpse at the new version.

Scheduled to show up on ITV in the U.K. sometime in 2015, the revamped Thunderbirds Are Go! is a mixture of CGI and live action miniatures, which should be something wholly unique, and they put together an impressive array of talent onscreen and off. Weta Workshop, the special effects house behind all of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films (not to mention Bong Joon-ho’s The Host and Jonathan King’s Black Sheep, both of which I think are even more impressive) is handling that side of things, so you know it will look amazing.

In addition to that, they’ve put together one hell of a cast. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, The World’s End) plays Lady Penelope, original cast member David Graham reprises his Parker character, and Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker) voices Brains, the unstoppable inventor. Game of Thrones and The Maze Runner vet Thomas Brodie-Sangster is set to voice the twins Gordon and John Tracy. Rasmus Hardicker (Saxondale) will voice the youngest and oldest Tracy brothers, Alan and Scott, while Virgil, the other Tracy brother, gets his signature vocal sound from Davik Menkin. Sandra Dickinson plays Grandma Tracy, while Andres Williams (Foyle’s War) has been tasked with playing the evil villain The Hood.

But just so you don’t think this is going to put it’s own stamp on the series, there are some new additions to contend with, too. The Tracy kids have a friend named Kayo (Angel Coulby, Merlin) this time around, and there’s someone named Colonel Casey (Adjoa Andoh, Doctor Who) also in the mix.

And clocking in at approximately 20 seconds, this teaser shows you none of that. All you get is a shot from space as a distress signal tries desperately to raise International Rescue, followed by a quick peek at the new version of Thunderbird 5. That’s it. It also calls your attention to, which, at the moment, only offers you the opportunity to sign up for a mailing list. As Thunderbirds Are Go! approaches, you can bet we’ll see start to see more and that there will be fun things to play with on their website.

And just in case you can’t get enough, here’s a BBC documentary about Gerry Anderson and his beloved space puppets.