Shaun Of The Dead And The World’s End Figures Your Latest Must Have Toys

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Shaun of the DeadJust because Edgar Wright’s so-called Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy is over doesn’t mean we’re magically going to stop loving them. They’re too good for that. Those three loosely related siblings—thematically connected rather than plot or story wise—may be done, but we can still celebrate the awesomeness that Wright and co-conspirators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brought into the world. And one way to do it is with action figures.

Of the three films—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End—only the first and the last really fall into the sci-fi category, but that’s okay, we still love you Hot Fuzz. And we’re far from the only fans wandering around out here. Evil Corp has now created these three sets of figurines to commemorate the films, and they are pretty damn fantastic. Each set pairs Pegg and Frost’s respective characters, bringing them together again, and for you to control this time.

How many times have you and your friends sat around planning how you would survive the zombie apocalypse? We all like to think that we have the best plan, the one that would work to get us through the mayhem (my plan is that I would die, I am no kind of survivor), and for dead end slacker Shaun (Pegg), that is going to the bar. With best friend Ed (Frost) in tow, he sets out for their favorite watering hole, gathering an ever-increasing group of friends and loved ones as they go. As you can tell from the blood-splattered cricket bat (or whatever you call them), and the dart in Shaun’s head, things don’t go exactly as planned and they run into some trouble, but don’t worry, it’s nothing they can’t handle.

The World's EndWhen Pegg’s Gary King gets a bunch of estranged former mates back together to relive one glorious night from their youth, again, things take a turn towards the unusual. Instead of facing off with endless swarms of the undead, Gary, along with Frost’s Andy, must go head to head with an invading force of doppelganger space robots. Part of what makes The World’s End such a joy to watch is that Frost, usually loud, boisterous, and crude, plays totally against type. Andy is uptight and straight-laced, and one of the best movie scenes of 2013 is watching him reach his breaking point and go absolutely berserk.

Hot FuzzAnd then there’s Hot Fuzz, which simultaneously spoofs every cop movie cliché in the book at the same time that it delivers a satisfying, interesting, fun, and harrowing police mystery.

These toys will make a fine addition to your memorabilia shelf, closet, room, garage, basement, or wherever you store your collection of swag. And don’t worry, this family of films may be done, but we haven’t seen the last team up of Wright, Pegg, and Frost. They’ve already announced that they’re working on another upcoming film, and though we don’t know a damn thing about it, we do know that we’ll be near the front of the line the day it hits theaters.