Sharknado 2 Infests Movie Theaters For One Night Of Swirling Terror

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Sharkndo 2Did you miss last week’s premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One, the inexplicably popular Syfy creature feature? Did you also miss one of the numerous subsequent rebroadcasts? Perhaps you just really, really want to see former Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering wielding a chainsaw Bruce Campbell-style on the big screen. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because that’s going to happen. The made-for-TV Sharknado 2 will get a turn in movie theaters, but if you’re interested in this, you can’t rest on your laurels, because it’s only for one night.

The Wrap reports that Fathom Events will bring the schlocky, social media-driven hit to theaters for a single night on August 21, screening at 8pm local time across the country. Fathom are the folks who are responsible for bringing all kinds of live events into movie theaters, including stage performances and concerts, as well as big ticket MMA and boxing matches. They’ve also recently staged events with the likes of Riff Trax and even showed the Monty Python reunion performances.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. When the first Sharknado hit last year, there was a similar limited theatrical release that performed well at the box office, making this a foregone conclusion. Fans who make the conscious decision to go to the theater and pay money to see Tara Reid on the big screen one more time will also get to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first film. Doesn’t that sound like a treat?

When Sharknado premiered, the audience was almost 1.4 million viewers. The Second One, on the other hand, debuted to more than 3.9 million total viewers. Yeah, a third installment has already been given the green light. The first movie took out Los Angeles, Sharknado 2 brought the storm to New York City, so where do you think Sharknado 3: Yes, This Is For Real will happen? Do they take it to the middle of the country now, maybe Chicago? I’m sure they won’t have any trouble coming up with a reason why there are sharks flying around the Windy City. It is called the Windy City, after all. It’ll also be interesting to see what minor celebrities they get to cameo on the next installment.

Just in case you’re afraid that a Sharknado may be real and that one may be coming from you, here is a video from Al Roker and The Weather Channel that should set your mind at ease. There are lots of experts putting the kibosh on such thinking. And if you can’t trust Al Roker, who can you trust?