R.I.P. Robin Williams: A Look Back At The Actor’s Sci-Fi Contributions

So long, Mork.

By Nick Venable | Updated

absolutely anythingAbsolutely Anything
Sadly, one of Williams’ most anticipated roles is still yet to come, as he’s voicing Simon Pegg’s dog Dennis in Terry Jones’ upcoming comedy Absolutely Anything. A dog role normally doesn’t rouse interest, but you’ll recognize Jones’ name as one of the five surviving members of Monty Python, and he’s joined by his Python cohorts in voicing a quintet of aliens that grant Pegg magical powers. Maybe that’s how his dog starts talking. Though they won’t be onscreen together, the possibility of hearing Williams’ voice bouncing off of Pegg and John Cleese has magical comedic powers of its own. Absolutely Anything will hit theaters next year.

Which was your favorite of Williams’ sci-fi roles?

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