Producers Extend Deals With Terra Nova Stars, Second Season Pickup May Be Decided Soon

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s still not decided whether Terra Nova will be granted a second season. The freshman sci-fi series about a colony of humans in prehistoric times struggled to garner solid ratings for Fox each week, although online viewership did help quite a bit. While we wait to hear the fate, producers for the series have moved forward with deals for stars Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang.

The finale saw the show do a little better than it did the previous week, but still only managed around 7 million viewers. This is a network show, and even though times have changed for television – remember when every major show got a minimum of 10 million viewers? – those numbers are pretty mediocre. A decision was supposed to have been made in the last week, but now with the deals for Lang and O’Mara Fox is expected to make a decision in January, according to Deadline. There’s certainly a good chance Fox will give the series a second shot, especially with a name like Spielberg attached.

In addition the producers are hoping to add to the writing staff to improve the story. May I suggest they try and land scribes like David Greenwalt, Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, and Stephen S. DeKnight? Obviously these people are busy with other shows, but it’s this caliber of writer who can work the sci-fi angle for incredible story depth and emotion that Terra Nova could use.