Pixels Unveils Non-Adam Sandler Logo And Reveals The Games It Will Feature

By Nick Venable | Published

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pixelsWith a movie called Pixels, the first thing even a simpleton would think about using in the promotional campaign would be, well, a pixelated look at something. And what do you know, the Chris Columbus-directed feature has unveiled its logo, and it’s made up of a bunch of pixels. I mean, if you’re looking at this on your phone or computer, it would be made out of pixels anyway, but someone actually created individual pixels for this logo. Hollywood, am I right?

I have such reservations about this movie despite loving the short film it’s based on, as well as the central premise. And it all has to do with the inclusion of Adam Sandler and Kevin James. In Pixels, James plays the President of the United States, which will soon come under attack by vengeful group of aliens. In this case, the aliens have witnessed footage of old arcade games like Space Invaders, assuming it to be news footage (or whatever the alien equivalent to news footage is) and they want to avenge their fallen allies. Oddly enough, Space Invaders will be making an appearance, even though it has its own feature on the way.

Sony announced all or most of their lineup of classic video game characters that will be show up in Pixels, and it’s everyone you would expect. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong are joining the fun, as joined by Frogger, Q*Bert, Centipede, and my personal favorite, Galaga. I really, really hope we get some tractor-beam ships and bumblebee-looking ships in Pixels. It’s a sad thing to hope for, certainly.


When the aliens begin to attack, POTUS calls in his childhood best friend, the video game champion Sam Brenner (Sandler), who teams up with arcade experts Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad to take the threat out. Michelle Monaghan also stars as the team’s weapons expert. In case you missed the first look the other day, here’s a good shot of Dinklage rocking a mean mullet.


Patrick Jean, who is executive producing, created the hugely popular (and perfectly simple) short film, which was adapted by Tim Herlihy (Grown Ups 2) and Timothy Dowling (Role Models). It also stars Brian Cox, Jane Krakowski, Ashley Benson and James Preston Rogers. But maybe not this version of this guy.

donkey kong
“You call it evolution. I call it next generation.”

Get your hand on the joystick — not that one — and check out Pixels when it hits theaters on May 15, 2015.