These Pixels Posters Unleash Classic Video Game Characters On Earth

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

PixelsUsually, when a movie reveals a collection of posters, the featured images involve the human component, or at least the protagonists (we could be talking about an animated movie after all). That, however, is not the case with Sony’s Pixels. Classic video games play a key role in the film, as villains, and it’s the lead characters in those memorable, beloved games that take center stage in this collection of one sheets.

Directed by Chris Columbus, Pixels imagines a world where intergalactic aliens come across videos of classic arcade games and mistake them for a declaration of war (this is reminiscent of how like the aliens in Galaxy Quest mistakenly think the TV episodes they see are real). They then attack the Earth using the archaic, pixelated games as the primary source of their strategy. And who can save the day? Who can stand up against such an unusual, unexpected enemy? Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), that’s who, a video game champion who peaked in the 1980s, and now installs home theaters. The President (Kevin James) enlists his childhood friend’s assistance, but no one man can defeat such a force, so Sam recruits a team that includes old-school gamers (Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage) and a weapons specialist (Michelle Monaghan).

PixelsThese posters are awesome and make Pixels look like a total blast. They feature the stars of Pac-Man…



Pixels…Donkey Kong…


…and Space Invaders, which is also getting its own standalone feature, oddly enough.

Though we’ve seen the human stars, including Dinklage’s incredible mullet/facial hair combination, this is our first look at the video game characters from the film, and I really, really hope they look even half this cool in the final movie as they do here. How can you not want to see Pac-Man devour San Francisco, Donkey Kong hurl blocky barrels at Tokyo, giant Centipedes squiggle at London, those bee looking guys from Galaga descend on Sydney, or the Space Invaders invade Paris?

Pixels is based on this short film created a few years back by Patrick Jean, who serves as an executive producer on the expanded version of his vision:

In addition to the key players, Pixels also has a fantastic supporting cast of character actors, like Brian Cox, Jane Krakowski, Ashley Benson, and James Preston Rogers. We still have a while to wait before we can see this one, as the film doesn’t open until next summer, July 24, 2015.