Pacific Rim’s Under Attack Featurette Showcases The Epic Kaiju War

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” With only a few short weeks until the release of Pacific Rim, there’s a big question about how the film will perform this July. Guillermo del Toro’s latest science fiction monster movie isn’t tracking very well among general audiences, who seem to be drawn to Adam Sandler’s new film Grown Ups 2 instead. If Pacific Rim turns out to be actually a good movie, perhaps it will have a fighting chance against Adam Sandler’s latest. (Del Toro himself isn’t too worried.) To help build awareness for Pacific Rim, Warner Bros. has released a new featurette that highlights the film’s epic Kaiju War.

This is actually the first time we’re getting a glimpse at how deadly and terrifying it is to live in the world of Pacific Rim. For some reason, it always seemed as if the invading alien sea monsters (called Kaiju) were a new threat to the world. In the above featurette, actor Charlie Hunnam explains that these attacks have been going on for 20 years. Can you imagine if you’d have to deal with Kaiju on a daily basis for the past 20 years? The “Under Attack” featurette also showcases Charlie Day’s (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) character of Dr. Newton Geizler, a hipster scientist who studies the alien Kaiju.

After a dimensional rift opens up at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, deadly monsters invade Earth to wreak havoc on coastal cities and try to wipe out the human race. To fight back, military superpowers create the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, tasked with defending the planet by creating giant human-piloted mechs called Jaegers. But when a retired fighter pilot named Raleigh Becket and his inexperienced rookie co-pilot Mako Mori take control of the obsolete Jaeger “Gypsy Danger,” they must defend the planet when the Pan Pacific Defense Corps are helpless against the threatening Kaiju.

The new film also features actors Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Rob Kazinsky, Max Martini, Clifton Collins Jr., and Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau. Screenwriter Travis Beacham — who is also partnering with Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski to develop a new AMC science fiction series called Ballistic City— co-wrote Pacific Rim with the film’s director, Guillermo del Toro.

Pacific Rim will hit theaters everywhere on July 12, in 3D and IMAX.