Pacific Rim Meets Power Rangers In This Opening Credits Mash-Up

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

When Guillermo del Toro’s CGI monsterfest Pacific Rim hit theaters this past summer, it was met with a lot of enthusiasm, much of it from people who were perfectly fine with the film wearing its numerous inspirations on its robotic sleeves. And while some of its homages were more obvious than others, the fact that the whole flick felt like a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode was lost on almost no one. And it’s as unsurprising as anything on Earth that someone, in this case YouTuber The Unusual Suspect, has mashed together Pacific Rim‘s visuals with the Power Rangers opening title theme. Sure, people have added the theme music to the trailer before (which was pretty cool in and of itself, as you can see below), but this is the real deal.

We’ve got Stacker talking over the beginning, in place of that old bitch Rita Repulsa; the strobish editing for the title; and the split screen cast list. Hell, the only thing missing is hearing the incessant lyrics “Go go, Power Rangers!” over and over again, though you’ll still be singing it to yourself after watching the above. But just in case you aren’t…

GO GO POWER RANGERS! If you aren’t screaming it by the end of the day, I feel like I haven’t done my job. I mean, my job was showing you the cool mash-up video at the top, and I did that.

I really hated Power Rangers as a kid, and have little use for them now as an adult, but I dig a lot of the fanmade stuff that’s come out over the years. What the world really needs is for del Toro to get behind Jason David Frank’s idea for a Green Power Ranger movie, because fuck those other clowns. In my mind, it would just be the Green Ranger against gigantic sea monsters that completely obliterate him fewer than 10 minutes into the movie. Somebody should send him the video to set his imagination ablaze.

Head over to Netflix to get your Power Rangers appetite sated, after you’ve watched the Pacific Rim trailer set to the theme. Because teamwork!