Pacific Rim Meets Minecraft

By Joelle Renstrom | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard buzz about Pacific Rim, Warner Bros.’ highly touted big-budget apocalypse movie directed by Guillermo del Toro and set for release on July 12. While the trailer
amps anticipation — human-controlled robots vs. monstrous sea creatures? Yes, please! — Steelehouse Digital’s Pacific Rim trailer remade in Minecraft manages to bring geek excitement to a whole new pitch.

Mirroring, but also somehow surpassing, the synopsis in the actual trailer, the Minecraft version manages to merge incredible graphics with the perfect dose of campiness to plug this movie in a surprisingly compelling way. As it turns out, Minecraft characters are capable of exhibiting more emotion than most action stars. My favorite part is the irony of watching a Minecraft robot stomp down the street as the voiceover explains that the only way to fight the sea creatures bent on bringing about the end of days is for “man and machine become one,” which is a pretty apt description of the trailer itself. I also love the blockhead man giving a pep talk and insisting that “today we’re canceling the apocalypse!” Don’t mess with a blockhead!

The Pacific Rim remake isn’t Steelehouse Digital’s first foray into turning movies into Minecraft. They released a Man of Steel trailer, “Mine of Steel,” and have also created a bunch of other movie and video game-inspired animations.

For those who don’t know Minecraft, it’s a deceptively simple-looking Lego-inspired game in which players place and break blocks. Particularly when working in teams, players can create entire worlds, battle nefarious creatures, and, of course, throw massive block parties. Remaking scenes or animating in Minecraft is the perfect remedy for those who don’t spend enough time playing Minecraft already. Devotees say that you can do anything in Minecraft, and I think Steelehouse Digital has just proven them right. Minecraft can save the world!

What movies/trailers do you think should be remade in Minecraft? Check out the movie scenes below (not made by Steelehouse) for a taste of some movie scenes animated by Minecraft fans. (Also check out Minecraft versions of Jurassic Park, the Battle of Hoth, and several famous sci-fi spacecraft.)