Two New Pacific Rim Clips Showcase Brains And Fists

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Pacific Rim is almost here, and after almost a year straight of continual bombardment of every kind of marketing imaginable—trailers, TV spots, toys, you get the idea—Warner Bros. and Legendary have finally started releasing actual clips from the movie. We’ve seen two already, but now here are two more to keep you going until Guillermo del Toro’s film finally hits on July 12.

The first clip follows the pattern of the others, placing the focus on the characters, the people in the film, instead of the giant robots fighting giant monsters action that has been the emphasis so far. In this video, Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) thinks he may have a way to gain insight into the Kaiju, only to get what he needs, he may has to turn to the black market, and a guy named Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman).

The main thing you learn from this video is that the Kaiju, the big ass monsters who emerged from an interdimensional rift on the bottom of the ocean, have two brains. Much like a dinosaur, they’re so big they have a second brain, presumably in their ass. While many parts of the monster anatomy are used as remedies and folk cures for various ailments, the brain is tough to get to, and not of much good to anyone.

Clip number two gets back to the basics, back to what you’ve come to expect from Pacific Rim, monsters and robots, kicking the holy hell out of each other for your amusement. After all, isn’t that the main point of all of this? Sure, the movie may be testing worse than Grown Ups 2, but if the movie is anything like this piece, it’s going to be a damn good time. You’ve already seen bits of this in trailers and commercials, but this video fills in the gaps and strings it all together.

You can especially appreciate the bit when the Jaeger, the robotic warriors created to combat the invaders, picks up the cargo containers and uses them to slam the Kaiju in the face. It’s like the giant mechanical robot version of holding a cigarette lighter or roll of quarters in your fist during a street fight. The title of the video may reference the rocket elbow that gives the Jaegers’ punch a little extra oomph, but it’s this part that really piques my interest.

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