Pacific Rim: 12 Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes B-Roll Footage

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

We’re less than two weeks away from July 12, which means that we’re less than two weeks away from Guillermo del Toro’s robots-versus-monsters epic Pacific Rim. The scale of the film looks massive, and that scope is on full display in this 12-minute collection of behind-the-scenes b-roll footage from the set, broken up into two six-minute chunks for easy consumption.

While the content of these videos is generally pretty similar, the first installment focuses more on the combat side of things. There is a lot of footage of del Toro presiding over fight scene rehearsals between cast members like Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam. These are often pieces we’ve seen in the trailers, but this gives you a different perspective, a different look at the work that goes into what you see onscreen.

What really makes the scale of Pacific Rim stand out is the sheer size of the set pieces. Again, we’ve seen some of these, but they’re always in context, with finished special effects. They’re supposed to look natural. Here, however, you get to see the stages from a distance, standing alone in the middle of a warehouse. It really makes you appreciate how big they went for this film. From what we’ve witnessed of the final version, this strategy paid off.

Part two of the video is heavier on the Charlie Day, Ron Perlman side of things. But don’t worry, there is still a great deal of footage of the Jaeger pilots, their minds locked through a process called drifting, controlling their giant mechs in battle against the massive creatures called Kaiju.

What this half of the video delivers is a more in-depth view of the backgrounds and cityscapes created for Pacific Rim. It seems most of the urban locations here are supposed to be a futuristic Hong Kong. You’ll notice a striking resemblance to other futuristic sci-fi films, especially Blade Runner, with everyone piled on top of each other, a mish-mash of cultures and languages blending together into a single entity.

Maybe the coolest part of this collection is the giant freaking water cannons they use a couple of times. First they blast the Jaeger pilots, like a tidal wave slapping them across the face. Then there’s the scene in the boat, where the set, mounted on some big hydraulic rig, is rolling and bouncing, continually bombarded by water.

There’s so much more to talk about in these videos, but it’s best explored for yourself. Check them out and let us know what your favorite bits are in the comments.