Monsters, Inc. Gets A Surprisingly Horrific Prometheus Style Makeover

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a movie with major problems to be sure, and I tend to like it more than most people seem to. It’s full of characters making the absolute worst decision at every opportunity, and, admittedly, it wasn’t quite the triumphant return to the Alien universe we all hope it would be. But for all of its myriad flaws, one thing it does totally nail is the ominous, bleak tone and feel. Aesthetically, if nothing else, Scott creates one hell of a world, but what if that overall appearance and atmosphere was transferred to another movie, say Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.? If you’ve been wondering what that might look like, wonder no more, as this video combines these two disparate entities, with surprising results.

While you might not normally expect a dark sci-fi film to mesh well with what is essentially a bright, kid-centric affair, they oddly enough go together very well. This isn’t your standard, everyday mash up, though. YouTuber The Usual Suspect takes elements from Monsters, Inc. and simply tweaks them, giving them a Prometheus-esque makeover, rather than combining the two.

The most noticeable change is, obviously, to the color scheme. Footage from the Pixar film is dulled, the boisterous, vivid colors toned down a few notches and given a grey-wash that mutes everything you see. And when you add in the throbbing, epic score from Scott’s film, with out of context dialogue laid down over the top of the altered images, the result is a very different movie than you’ve seen in the past, tense and ominous and foreboding in a way the 2001 original rarely, if ever, is.

This is actually an ingenious bit of editing, pulling, as it does, from all the darker, more serious moments of the film and taking those components and increasing them exponentially with an assist from Prometheus. If nothing else, it shows what you can do with some clever cuts, rearranging, and music. I would also totally watch this movie, a grim, serious, but still animated and fantastic story. Maybe this guy in on to something.

Here is the original Monsters, Inc. trailer for comparison:

And here’s one from Prometheus, to give you a refresher course on the tone, feel, and score:

So now you know what Monsters, Inc. would look like reimagined as a horror movie. What do you think about the finished product?