Massive Alien City Made Out Of Over 200,000 Legos

By Nick Venable | Published

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contact 1

Once a person has decided to make Lego construction the thing that they are amazing at, their path is set. We’re not talking about mere model-builders here. People can make fun of obsessive model builders. Things get a little tricky once people up the ante on those models, recreating beloved locations from Ghostbusters or The Fifth Element’s Fhloston Paradise. But you definitely can’t make fun of a guy like Mike Doyle, whose massive and original Lego art-chitectures even come with their own backstory. And no Chris Tucker!

His latest project appears to include creating an entire alien planet, with the above photograph standing in as the gigantic first piece, titled ”Contact 1: The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan.” The alien cityscape that required more than 200,000 individual Lego pieces and over 600 hours of building time. Though it appears to reach into the sky, the model is a modest five feet high and six feet wide, which means this could become the bedroom installment that eventually ruins a marriage because someone doesn’t understand how fucking awesome my side of the room would be, and she’s just jealous.

contact close up 3

Doyle has a Kickstarter campaign set up to fund prints to be made and to start his next project, which will be another massive cityscape like this one. Some donations get DIY kits so people can create parts of the Contact 1’s structures at home. And just in case you wanted to be jealous of other people’s homes, here is how Doyle describes his future alien civilization.

The Contact Series of LEGO built creations was designed to promote the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family – children under the same creative force.

This is a story where human consciousness rediscovers the art of intuition and the subtle – but powerful – forces of the universe. Here, groups of modern humans use ancient rituals which – in combination with expanded consciousness – initiates communication with the great space faring cultures of the universe. Vectoring extraterrestrial beings to their position on earth, these humans invite the visitors to help heal the planet through the ETs’ transformative powers and bring the greater Earth community closer to the spiritual nature of the universe.

In the Contact Series, war, self interest and materialistic thinking are products of the less evolved species – such as humans. While there are others like us in the universe, the vast collection of sentient beings spread throughout the universe have either evolved beyond this or never had concepts as these in their culture.

contact close up 2

contact close up 1

Impressive, no? And if you’re into old, creepy-looking black-and-white Lego houses more than alien cities, Doyle’s earlier project will be right up your ghost-ridden alley.

lego house 2

lego house