Help Make-A-Wish And You Might Get To Meet George Lucas And Mark Hamill

By David Wharton | Published

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We love it when our geekly tendencies are exploited in a way that just happens to make the world a better place. Case in point: we think it would be amazing to fly to Skywalker Ranch and hang out with George Lucas (even after the prequels, we can’t help but love that bearded crazy man). We would also love to hang out with Mark Hamill, especially if he promises to swing around a lightsaber while doing the Joker voice. Now you can enter to win a chance to do both of those awesome things, plus benefit a very worthy cause in the form of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The way it works is sort of like a charitable Kickstarter project. You can go to this page and purchase an entry in the contest. Or a ton of entries in the contest. The price starts at ten bucks for one entry, then goes to eight bucks a pop if you buy five or more, then seven for 10, and so on. Just like that raffle at the county fair that your grandmother dragged you to that one time, except this will benefit kids sick with life-threatening illnesses, as opposed to the rural crystal meth and banjo industries.

And here’s where that Kickstarter comparison comes in. If you buy five or more entries, you start getting some groovy stuff whether you win the grand prize or not. For that bottom level, you’ll get a “Star Wars Intergalactic Passport from the 1980’s, and a thank you e-card from Mark Hamill.” Bump it up to 10+ entries and you’ll get an ‘80s Star Wars fan club poster, the Hamill e-card, and a digital thank-you video from Hamill. It keeps on going from there, up through t-shirts and signed lightsaber replicas, all the way through a life-size Darth Vader bust signed by Hamill. As with Kickstarter, each of these reward tiers is limited in number, so if you want to dive in and benefit a good cause, better to do it sooner rather than later.

But what if you actually win the big one, the whole enchilada plus a side of midi-chlorians? You and a friend — choose wisely — will get flown out to Skywalker Ranch for a tour with Lucas himself, then you’ll zip back down to Los Angeles where you’ll get to rub elbows with Mark Hamill at Nerdist Studios. (Say hi to Matt and Jonah for me.) Both airfare and hotel accommodations for you and your lover/best bud/person who now owes you one will be covered. If you have several possible contenders I recommend throwing a Hunger Games-style bloodsport to narrow things down.

If you haven’t already watched Hamill’s Top 10 Reasons to Enter video up top, have at it. I never get tired of watching him do the Joker voice…

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