Jack Black Joins The Borderlands Movie

Jack Black will play one of the most popular characters in Borderlands.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jack Black is one of those comedic talents that is always enjoyable to see pop up in a project. From his legendary comedy band Tenacious D to his appearance in countless movies like the Jumanji films, School of Rock, and many other big hits, he is always a delight no matter what his role might be. Now, it looks like he will be lending his talents to the Borderlands feature film adaptation and it will be as the most popular character in that entire franchise.

Jack Black will be providing the voice of Claptrap, the robot companion that acts as a friend and ally to the player in the Borderlands video games. He is a source of endless comedic relief and has a reputation for being a smart-mouthed little goofball. It seems like the perfect fit for the actor and his kind of sensibilities. His voice is distinct enough that audiences will definitely recognize him. He made quite the impact as a voice actor with his involvement in the Kung Fu Panda series of films. There is no question that he will bring a level of joy and silliness to the appropriately wacky world of Borderlands.

Jack Black is joining some other serious talent on the Borderlands movie. In addition to the Nacho Libre star, Borderlands will also feature the excellent Cate Blanchett. Black and Blanchett have actually teamed up together in the past in the movie The House With a Clock in Its Walls. Interestingly enough, that movie was directed by Eli Roth who is also tapped to direct Borderlands. It seems like he had such a good time working with both of them on The House With a Clock in Its Walls that he wanted to reunite with them for his next major studio movie. Cate Blanchett and Jack Black both had great chemistry in that movie, so hopefully, we will get to see them play off one another again in Borderlands.

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And yet, even Jack Black and Cate Blanchett aren’t where the talent stops with the Borderlands movie. Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis have also been announced as part of the cast. This definitely seems like the studio is positioning Borderlands to be a major star-studded affair. Even though the video game franchise is extremely popular, it will still be necessary to sell a lot of mainstream audiences on the property and its characters. This will be especially important since Borderlands has a very specific and irreverent sense of humor. Getting a lot of notable stars in the movie could be a great way to entice brand new viewers.

Jack Black has become something of a viral celebrity ever since the pandemic has been underway. His YouTube channel has become incredibly popular and that has helped raise his profile in pop culture. If he is able to deliver a truly memorable and funny performance as Claptrap in Borderlands, he could once again help cement himself as one of the premier comedic talents in all of Hollywood. We look forward to hearing it.