God Particle Taps Newcomer Julius Onah To Direct God Particle

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Throw around the terms J.J. Abrams, top secret, and science fiction, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to stir up a fair amount of interest. That’s exactly the combination of elements that is going into God Particle, a new sci-fi venture from Paramount and Bad Robot. There has been a rush of buzz and speculation about who would helm the project, and now we have an answer.

The Girl is in Trouble director Julius Onah will helm God Particle for J.J. Abrams and Paramount

Variety reports that relative newcomer Julius Onah will take the helm on God Particle. After directing nearly a dozen short films, Onah recently completed his feature-length debut, a thriller called The Girl is in Trouble.

The story of God Particle “follows an American space station crew left abandoned after a problem with a Hadron accelerator causes Earth to vanish entirely.” You can see why that would be problematic, and where some tension might arise between occupants of the space station. There’s a lot of potential contained in that one sentence synopsis.

Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth) took on the writing duties, Abrams will produce, and InSurge, Paramount’s low-to-no-budget arm, will handle the development aspect of the picture. The projected budget is between five and ten million dollars, so you can see why they went with fresh meat like Onah. At the same time that he is an unknown commodity (and probably comparatively cheap), he also has enough experience under his belt that he shouldn’ be completely overwhelmed, and will be able to pull it off.

This strategy is similar to the one Abrams used for Cloverfied. At the time director Matt Reeves was an unknown TV director, and with a smaller budget, the film went on to make a butt ton of money. Hell, with Abrams name in the credits, enough people will automatically go see God Particle that they’re almost assured to recoup their initial investment. And it doesn’t hurt matters that they also have an interesting story.