Extant Returns To Earth With An Extended Trailer

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

CBS’ upcoming astronaut drama Extant is poised to be one of the biggest new shows of the summer. The property sparked a bidding war between networks when it was being shopped around, and it isn’t every day you get a legendary filmmaker like Steven Spielberg and Oscar-winner Halle Berry working together on a TV show. The show is still a few months away from hitting the airwaves, but the network is back with a new extended trailer.

The story of Extant follows astronaut Molly Watts (Berry) after she returns from a yearlong jaunt into outer space. Upon returning to Earth, she has trouble readjusting and reconnecting with her family (played by Goran Visnjic and Pierce Gagnon). And to add to the drama, she’s knocked up.

This all sounds reasonable, right? Spending that much time in a zero gravity environment is bound to cause some difficulties. After not seeing her husband for a year, it’s reasonable to assume that husband and wife knock boots, and pregnancy is a natural by product of that. After all, they already have one kid, don’t they? Nope. Their son is an android. Molly has never been able to conceive. And she’s pregnant when she lands. Maybe, you say, there was some sweet, sweet space-loving going on. Nope, she was up there all by her lonesome. You can see how all of this, taken together, adds up to some serious drama.

This longer look, released through the show’s Facebook page, builds on top of what we saw in the earlier teaser the network released. Most of the footage form that 30-second bit is here, including the looks at Molly and her family, and the fact that she’s got a mystery fetus bouncing around in there. There’s even the creepy robot son talking about putting his entire family on a spaceship in order to make sure they are safe from extinction. What it adds are glimpses of other cast members, including Camryn Manheim, Michael O’Neill, and Brad Beyer.

This trailer also plays up the idea of a grand, behind the scenes conspiracy. The government wants answers, Molly wants answers, and you better believe that her husband is more than a little bit curious about what the hell is going on. You don’t get much in the way of specifics, but this is a mystery worthy of the X-Files, and seems like it would be right up Mulder’s alley. How can you not immediately think aliens have something to do with these shenanigans?

Extant premieres July 2 on CBS.