Transformers: Age Of Extinction Blu-ray Packs In Explosive Bonus Features

By Nick Venable | Published

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transformers age of extinctionFor a film as ridiculously big and over the top as Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction — or nearly any Michael Bay movie, really — the Blu-ray/DVD release needs to stack up in a comparative way. And Paramount isn’t Decepticonning around with this stacked Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, which has been set for release on Tuesday, September 30. And if you just want to experience Mark Wahlberg and Optimus Prime’s conversations without all that supplemental business, you can grab the Transformers: Age of Extinction digital release on September 16.

So let’s break all of this down. Under the title Evolution Within Extinction are eight distinct and informative extras giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at almost every aspect of the production. “Generation 2” is a general introduction to this post-trilogy universe, while “Small Town, Big Movie” heads to the film’s Texas locations, where countrysides meet explosions and robotics students showcase designs seen in Cade’s lab. (Wait, so Wahlberg isn’t an actual robotics engineer?) “Drive Like Hell” details the new Optimus Prime design and introduces viewers to the Lamborghini Aventador that is Lockdown, as well as other sleek vehicles. “Shadow Protocol Activated” shows off some of the film’s big car chase stunts, heading from Detroit to Chicago and then Washington state for an unused nuclear power plant.

Hard to believe that’s all just stuff from the first half of the movie, right? We then have “The People’s Republic,” which showcases the Chinese actors featured in the film, as well as the Hong Kong production. “Rise of the Dinobots” shows off the characters’ history and then gets into their digital creation at Industrial Light & Magic. Finally, watch Michael Bay in all his glory as he handles effects editing from his Miami home office.

As you can imagine, Bay gets his own feature — “Bay on Action” — which is an in-depth interview with the director as he explains his approach to making everything explode on screen all the time. “Just Another Effin’ Movie” centers on “the fun, frenetic and amazing way a movie like Transformers: Age of Extinction gets made.” (Which sounds exactly like everything else.) The film’s music hits the spotlight for a feature with composer Steve Jablonsky and the band Imagine Dragons. And comedian/co-star T.J. Miller gets a feature called “Farm Hippie” that follows him around the sets, Bay Films headquarters, and even Wahlberg’s house.

transformers age of extinction

You want toys and shit? “A Spark of Design” is an exclusive look at the conception and development of Hasbro’s Stomp and Chomp Grimlock action figure. “The Angry Birds Transformers: Origin Story” doesn’t need much explanation, does it? Finally, there’s “Kre-O Tranformers: Take Us Through the Movies!” is an animated segment where each of the Transformers films is acted out by the brickish Kreon figures. It’s called “hilarious,” but my opinions will remain reserved.

transformers age of extinction

And if you’re looking to spend a little more dough than normal on this set, you might as well pre-order the Limited Edition Gift Set version with the Optimus/Grimlock collectible statue, seen above. Nothing says loving like a Dinobot on your mantle.