Fifth Element Shootout Rendered In LEGO

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Some people get really creative with their LEGO work. We’ve all seen replicas of the New York City skyline composed entirely of little plastic blocks, and every major motion picture has been rendered in the same at one time or another. That latter category includes Luc Besson’s 1997 sci-fi jaunt, The Fifth Element.

If you’re familiar with the film, then you know it’s worth watching for a number of different reasons, but among these there are two big ones. The first is to watch Bruce Willis tear ass around in his beat up flying taxicab. That’s a pretty sweet chase scene. The second reason why The Fifth Element rules is that massive shootout between Corbin Dallas (Willis) and the Mangalores (those big dog-looking beasts) at the high-class space resort, Fhloston Paradise. They sure do wreck up the joint.


LEGO enthusiast Matt De Lonoy used his favorite toy building blocks to recreate that last scene. There’s lots of running and diving, bullets flying, weird looking creatures catching stray bullets, and, of course, Chris Tucker hollering all over the place in a skin tight bodysuit.

This recreation is super detailed, down to the little Corbin Dallas, complete with bleach-blond crew cut, a high caliber pistol in each hand, and the grizzled five o’clock shadow. There are even little glasses for fancy space cocktails lined up on the bar. Those aren’t going to last long in the firefight, but neither are a lot of things in this room. And don’t forget about the pool table, that right there is an inventive use of LEGO technology.