Brooklyn Typhoon Cosplay Brings Pacific Rim To The Atlantic Coast

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Typhoon4Last summer’s Pacific Rim showcased the increasingly desperate war between humanity and big-ass monsters invading through an interdimensional portal on the bottom of the ocean. Rather than just throw in the towel — and because Godzilla still wasn’t due out until the following year and wasn’t answering his cell phone — mankind decided to do the logical thing: build battlemechs the size of skyscrapers so they could punch those pesky monsters right square in the throat. Pac Rim may have focused on the crew of an outdated American mech called Gypsy Danger, but it was definitely a multinational affair. Most of the major countries with coasts along the Pacific were represented: Australia’s Striker Eureka, Japan’s Coyote Tango, Russia’s Cherno Alpha. But New York City’s never been the sort to sit out a fight just because they’re on the wrong coast. And so we give you the small but scrappy Brooklyn Typhoon!


Brooklyn Typhoon is a damned impressive bit of Pacific Rim cosplay so good we’ll forgive it for not being several stories tall. It’s modeled after the film’s Crimson Typhoon, one of China’s fighting-mech Jaegers. If he looks sturdier than your average bit of cosplay, that’s because his construction materials list reads like the aftermath of a tornado through an installation art compound. Brooklyn Typhoon weighs in at 152 lbs and took artist/performer Peter Kokis 550 hours to construct. Here are “some of his more interesting parts”:

2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck wheels, 2 business card holders, hockey helmet, 2 plungers, rotating lawn sprinkler, 4 egg slicers, 4 ice scrapers, 4 ladles, 4 slotted spoons, camping thermos, toilet flush valve, 8 ice skate blade guards (2 types), 2 baseball throat guards, trashcan foot pedal, 2 spoon draincups, 2 blender bases, 4 hair cutter spacers, 2 kneepads, thermos base, ski goggles, football shoulder pads, 6 shinguards (3 types), 2 hockey leg guards, wall outlet plate, 3 vitamin cases (2 types), 3 manicure bowls, 3 doorknob wall guards, hand towel holder, 4 bicycle splashguards (2 types), 25 turnbuckles, corner paint applicator, slotted ladle, 2 faucet strainers, paper towel holder, 3 screen door latches, handheld spotlight, 2 flashlights, closet pole mounts, lots of bottlecaps, lots of knobs & pull handles, lots and lots of plastic from trashcans, buckets & food containers… and a whole lotta inspiration!

Now that’s recycling we can get behind! (We can also get behind the normal kind, but still.)



If you’re digging Kokis’ heavy-metal cosplay, you’ll definitely want to spend some time poking around his website. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s put together equally impressive renditions of Transformers’ Optimus Prime…




…and Starscream, among others. Transform and roll out, people!