BBC America Teases Upcoming Zombie Miniseries In The Flesh

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

All the way back in March, the BBC aired the three-part zombie drama In the Flesh to a fair amount of acclaim. It’s got an intriguing premise, even if some people see it as just another thing about zombies. That’s fair, sure, but police procedurals and medical dramas have been pulling the same tricks on TV for many, many decades. Let there be brains!

Or maybe not, since these zombies are in varying stages of rehabilitation. The above teaser from BBC America gives only a hint as to what that rehab plot consists of, but we already know it takes place after The Rising, where thousands of people rose from the dead. One of them is Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a teenager who had recently committed suicide. Zombies are referred to as patients with “partially deceased syndrome” (PDS), and are medicated, reformed, and put back into the daily shuffle and shamble. As you might imagine, not everyone takes to having the walking sorta-dead in their lives on a regular basis. Didn’t get any of that from dinner with Mum and Dad up there, did you?

The newsworthy part of the ad is that the show’s run this summer isn’t going to take place on three successive Supernatural Saturday nights, but will instead be a three-night event, starting on Thursday, June 6th, at the 10:00 ET slot. I’d sincerely wondered if they’d be able to drum up enough viewers to follow a three-week-long show, but by pushing them all together like this, I think it could have more of a chance to be a modest hit. BBC America has had two of those already in the last year with their original series Copper and the currently airing Orphan Black, so this might be a good boost to get the network creating more shows in a similar vein.

We’ve got a slightly longer trailer for you below, and don’t forget to take your medication.