Australian Sci-Fi Short Film, Arrowhead: Signal, Teases Full-Length Feature Version

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Arrowhead: Signal is an Australian low-budget sci-fi short film that teases the upcoming full-length version. Director Jesse O’Brien has the concept, the script, and the actors, but he also needs additional funds to help carry the final film to the finish line. O’Brien has turned to Australian community fundraising website (similar to Kickstarter) to rally up supporters.

The 10-minute short almost plays like a silent film. It has no dialogue, but it is driven by the character Kye and the Explosions in the Sky-esque score. It also serves as a proof-of-concept to hopeful backers of the full-length film. Check out Arrowhead: Signal below:

Director Jesse O’Brien has turned to to help raise the $40,000AU needed to complete the film. The benefits that would come from funding the project range from receiving a digital e-book of Arrowhead‘s companion materials, to a producer’s credit, to getting a chance to give the last name for the film’s main character Kye (Kye Obias has a nice ring to it). As of now, O’Brien has raised a little over $12,000AU with 39 days to go to meet his deadline. Check out Jesse O’Brien’s launch video:

The premise of Arrowhead feels more cerebral than action packed. After Kye breaks out of a space prison, he crashes on a deserted, lonely planet. While there, Kye becomes infected with an alien virus that hinders him from becoming a peaceful person. The filmmakers describe the movie as “Jekyll and Hyde meets Robinson Crusoe.”

Hopefully O’Brien and his team will be able to raise the money needed to complete the project. Making the short film was a good idea to give people a taste of what the feature film version will be like and give O’Brien the opportunity to sell himself to the Internet. Finally, here’s a behind-the-scenes video: