8-Bit Sci-Fi Theme Songs Will Hit You Right In The Nostalgia Gland

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

If there’s one thing that unites those of us who grew up in the ‘80s — aside from having way better kids movies — it’s the sweet rush of nostalgia when we hear some chirpy 8-bit composition that takes us back to the hours spent in front of a Nintendo trying to navigate a chubby Italian plumber through a series of incorrect castles. There’s just something about hearing a tune stripped down and piped through a woefully inadequate sound system that puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to go download an NES emulator.

Thankfully for those of us without any spare free time to sink into vintage video games, you can still get a big, pointy spike of nostalgia hammered into your ear via glut of 8-bit remixes scattered across the interwebs. Far be it from us to dictate the content of your playlists to you, but I’ve gone on a bit of an “8-bit sci-fi theme song” bender, so let me be your Google and share the wonders I’ve seen. Is there anything better than an 8-bit version of Vangelis’ propulsive Blade Runner closing credits theme? There is not.

Unless maybe it’s the 8-bit Battlestar Galactica theme song, because good gravy I love that song.

I’m not sure why exactly, but the faster the song, the better it sounds in 8-bit version. Maybe because old-school games typically had fast-paced music to keep up with the frenetic pace of jumping over turtles or zapping alien creatures with your arm cannon. All I know is, somebody needs to find me an adult-sized pair of footie pajamas to go along with my Cocoa Puffs, becuase this thirtysomething is headed back to 1985.