+1 Trailer Mixes Body Snatchers With House Party, In A Good Way, We Guess

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Have you ever been to that one house party where everyone you could possibly think of was present and having the best time of their lives? And beyond simply being an amazing party, was it also the singular event that determined how the rest of your life ended up going? Welcome to +1, where the only thing more exciting than the partying is the weird time travel/time loop/doppelg√§nger scenario that’s happening, as you can see in the trailer above. Just consider it part of your cover charge.

Call it American Pie meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or something a little less nauseating. A much-buzzed-about horror at both SXSW and Fantasia Film Festival, +1 is the tale of a house party gone wrong, gone wrong, gone wrong. Directed by Dennis Iliadis, who gave us the unnecessary Last House on the Left remake with Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, this looks like one of the stronger follow-ups in indie horror/sci-fi/thriller weirdness. I may just have a soft spot for films that involve weird time constraints however.

The film follows David (Rhys Wakefield), a collegiate dude who returns to his hometown to surprise his girlfriend Jill (Ashley Hinshaw), but of course eventually ends up making out with another girl right in front of her and ruining their relationship. Ugh, guys are slugs. So he takes his best friend Teddy (Logan Miller) to this gigantic party, while Jill goes with another guy. And though these people think that their petty drama is the most important news of the night, there is actually a strange pod people switcheroo thing happening. And if you’ve ever seen Primer, you know how things end up having to go down.

Unlike Primer, this isn’t a force brought on by the protagonists. It isn’t entirely clear what’s happening from the trailer. Is it aliens? Is it a burp in the time-space continuum? All I can picture is that guy with the mustache and the fancifully colored shirt and jacket. Don’t tell me that guy gets podded!! There is booze, loud music, bright lights, and the possibility of big titties all over this trailer. Then everything gets weird except the titties, and our three heroes are left to figure out why they can see other versions of themselves (and possibly murder other versions of themselves) at the party.

I actually like the way the trailer gets digitally tampered with, and even though it overall looks like a goofy teen thriller, I can’t help but imagine Iliadis will take this over the top and beyond. It doesn’t need to be gory. It just needs to get weird.

You can find out along with us when the films hits theaters on September 20. If you happen to see yourself in the theater, try not to make a big fuss, okay? Other people are trying to watch a movie.

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