NASA-Created Travel Posters For Real Exoplanets Make Us Want To Book A Trip

If you’re a fan of GFR, there’s a good chance you grew up dreaming of leaving footprints in alien sand, watching a sun other than our own sink below a mysterious horizon. Even though the prospect of venturing beyond our homeworld still seems impossibly distant for most of us, it’s a dream that lingers. If you’re forever dreaming about posting #yolo from the crest of Olympus Mons, these lovely travel posters mocked up by NASA are only going to make things worse…because they represent exoplanets discovered by the Kepler telescope, real destinations that you could, if you happened to have a starship lying around, actually visit.


Twice as big in volume as the Earth, HD 40307g straddles the line between ‘Super-Earth’ and ‘mini-Neptune’ and scientists aren’t sure if it has a rocky surface or one that’s buried beneath thick layers of gas and ice. One thing is certain though: at eight time the Earth’s mass, its gravitational pull is much, much stronger.


Despite Being Predictable Project Almanac Is A Fun, Engaging Time Travel Flick

project almanacExpectations have not been high for Dean Israelite’s feature directorial debut, Project Almanac. The Michael Bay-produced, teen-centric, found footage time travel film, formerly titled Welcome to Yesterday, has been pushed back and delayed multiple times, ultimately dropped at the tail end of January, and beginning late last week there was even rapid scramble to excise a two-second clip from the movie and the promotional material—it featured footage of a real life plane crash, which incensed families of the casualties. The deck is certainly stacked against this one, but despite all of that, as well as being totally predictable, Project Almanac is actually a decent amount of fun.

From word one, you know precisely where this movie is going. It doesn’t break any new ground, not even remotely, but what makes Project Almanac endearing is the self-awareness and earnestness of the characters. These are pop culture obsessed kids who watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as a kind of time travel research and take their cues about what is and isn’t possible from Looper. And at a structural level, the plot actually plays out like a simplified version of Primer.


Susan Sarandon And More Talented Actresses Join This Spaced-Out Movie

susan sarandonIf you want to make a science fiction movie that’s guaranteed to bring in major bucks at the box office, you’d be wise to get into an animated feature. That’s what’s happening over at ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover Co., and Gulfstream Pictures — the team behind last year’s squirrely hit The Nut Job — where they’re hard at work on the space-faring kids flick Spark, a film that now boasts the voice talent of Oscar-nominated actresses Susan Sarandon and Hilary Swank, as well as Jessica Biel. I’m kinda hoping now that this entire movie is just filled with only actresses.

Spark centers on a teenage monkey named Spark, voiced by Henry Danger‘s Jace Norman, who enters into a dangerous mission along with his friend Vix, the hardnosed fox voiced by Biel, and a tech-friendly warthog named Chunk, who hasn’t been cast yet. The trio are attempting to take down the warlord General Zhong, who has taken Planet Bana as his own.


This Divergent Series: Insurgent Super Bowl Ad Is Beyond Insane

What the hell is going on with The Divergent Series: Insurgent? The first film, which dropped last year and made a significant ripple in the marketplace, was a fairly standard teen-against-the-world YA dystopia joint. The upcoming sequel, which hits theaters in March, however, looks insane, like rampant fever dream come to life. Everything we’ve seen so far, from that early teaser trailer to those motion posters from the other day, borders on psychedelic. This new extended TV spot that will air during the Super Bowl is no exception, this shit is getting bonkers, but you don’t have to wait until Sunday as you can check it out now.


Neil Gaiman Admits His Doctor Who Ep ‘Nightmare In Silver’ Was A Bit Of A Dud

NightmareGiven his talent, style, and the sort of things he likes to write about, fans spent years imagining what it would be like to Neil Gaiman write for Doctor Who. In 2011 we got to see just that with “The Doctor’s Wife,” a sweet, funny, and heartbreaking story which saw The Doctor sharing an adventure with his TARDIS — literally with her, after the vessel’s consciousness was shifted into a humanoid body. One of modern Who‘s finest hours, “The Doctor’s Wife” received near universal acclaim and netted Gaiman both a Ray Bradbury Award and a Hugo. Naturally, fans wanted to see more Who from Gaiman, and in 2013 he returned with an episode entitled “Nightmare in Silver.”

It wasn’t only fans and critics who felt that “Nightmare in Silver” was a misstep. In a recent interview, Gaiman admitted his regrets about “Nightmare,” and explained what he was originally going for with the episode. He told Radio Times:


Massive Jupiter Ascending Gallery Is Gorgeous, Let’s Hope The Movie’s Good

JupFeatThe Wachowskis’ upcoming space opera Jupiter Ascending has had a long, hard road to the big screen. It was originally supposed to open this past summer, but Warner Bros. instead opted to push it back to February 2015 — never an encouraging sign. The trailers made it look like it could be truly epic, or it could be an utter train wreck — and that’s more or less become par for the course when it comes to The Wachowskis. (For the record, I really enjoyed Cloud Atlas.) Earlier this week, Jupiter Ascending premiered at Sundance…and it did not go well. At this point, I don’t know what to think about this flick, but I do know one thing: I would sure as hell pony up for an “Art of Jupiter Ascending coffee table book.