Godzilla’s Opening Credits Have A Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Even though we thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ recent Godzilla reboot (which you can now own on Blu-ray as of earlier this week), it is certainly an up and down affair. As far as the human side goes, the first act is just about all there is worth watching, and, until the end, the film simply muddles around not showing Godzilla. Still, monsters fighting monsters, it’s hard to go too wrong with that. One of the more inventive parts in a movie that is, frankly, not particularly inventive, is the opening credits sequence, and it contains a fun little Easter Egg that’s a nod to one of our favorite non-sci-fi shows (we do occasionally watch things that don’t involve robots, monsters, lasers, spaceships, or aliens, shocking I know, but we do enjoy it when our two worlds collide for a moment).

Building up to Godzilla, Bryan Cranston was a key component of the marketing strategy, despite the fact that he is only in the film for a short while. He, as an actor, is of course best known for his role on AMC’s hit meth-based drama Breaking Bad (which I’m finally watching, despite Seth Meyers spoiling the ending for me on the Emmys), and the opening credits of the film contain a fun little nod to that role. Watch the above video again and see if you catch it.


Dredd 2: The Musical Tunefully Demands Karl Urban Put That Helmet Back On

“I started out as Eomer, and next I played McCoy. But once I put that helmet on, it sparked my greatest joy.”

So begins the most epic appeal for a sequel to ever exist. Just imagine it: Dredd 2: The Musical. Created by the massive talents at Legolambs, this cry for more Judge Dredd is absolutely amazing, from the booming music to the speaker-rattling vocals of Jon and Al Kaplan. If petitions and emails and social media swarms can’t get DNA Films and company to make this follow up a reality, this musical is more than able to take the task on.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Photos Show Off Blood And Insanity

the-walking-dead-season-5-ten-new-photos9You may not have known this since they’re keeping it a secret, but AMC, that network that had Breaking Bad, also has a zombie show. It’s called The Walking Dead and it’s getting ready to come back for a season 5. Shocking, I know, it’s not like there’s been a ton of teasers, posters, or photos indicating that such a thing was happening, right? That’s why this new gallery of stills from the series came as such a surprise, but here they are.

Okay, I’m done trying to be funny, I promise. (An ex once told me, “oh dear, you’re just not funny,” and all of my friends and roommates apparently agreed. I thought I was hilarious, but I was wrong.) But The Walking Dead is coming back (it’s not funny either, so we’re kindred spirits in that regard), and there are even more photos, this time from AMC and Spoiler TV.


New Material Can Change Color And Texture Like Octopi

squidCephalopods (octopi, squid, and cuttlefish) are nature’s sneakiest animals, which is why scientists have long used them as a model for developing robots. Cephalopods have an uncanny ability to camouflage themselves, changing color, shape, and texture in a matter of seconds to hide from predators. A few years ago, DARPA developed a tethered robot that could change color, and now, a research team led by an MIT professor have developed a material that more closely emulates the cephalopod by changing color, luminosity, and texture.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1 Makes For One Hell Of A Romantic Comedy

We fully expect The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 to be one of the biggest movies of 2014, if not the biggest, and it’s certainly one of the most highly anticipated. An incredible new trailer dropped earlier this week, and while it’s super intense and epic in scope, it really only appeals to already existing fans, who honestly, are already going to see this movie even if there was no advertising at all and it only released to a dozen theaters. This new video aims to open up their viewership a bit by taking a totally different approach to marketing this movie.

This clip comes from Jimmy Kimmel Live, and reimagines The Hunger Games as a breezy romantic comedy called Cupid’s Arrow. As the talk show host says, it’s designed to attract an audience who might not otherwise be interested in a movie about teenagers murdering each other, and they hit all of right romcom notes. And with the love triangle subplot between Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and Gale (Liam Hemsworth), a quick editing job, some voiceover, and a jaunty, familiar tune, show just how close this is to being a totally different movie.


SpaceX To Bring Zero-G 3D Printer To The ISS

zerogprinterSpaceX will be bringing the first 3D printer to space on Friday, delivering it to the ISS. Once it’s up and running, astronauts will be able to print new parts for the station and for repairs, rather than wasting precious space storing spares or having to wait for a supply run.

Private companies such as SpaceX and Orbital Science make cargo delivery runs to the ISS every few months, but every inch of cargo space is valuable. If there’s room, then the additional cost is difficult to calculate and depends on the size and mass of the parts being delivered. Generally, though, it costs anywhere from $3,000-$13,000 per kilogram to send objects into low Earth orbit (depending on the rocket and its manufacturer). So the only question regarding having a 3D printer on the ISS is, what took them so long?