Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

Here’s what’s new in streaming sci-fi!


Ghostbusters: 30 Things You Might Not Know About The Classic Comedy

It’s headed back into theaters, for one thing!


The Best Cooler Ever Breaks Kickstarter Record

coolestIt seems that everyone and everything these days has a Kickstarter. Some are awesome and some aren’t, some are super practical and others completely esoteric. Yet these distinctions don’t always determine which projects steal the hearts of the public (and the investors) and get funded. We can learn a little bit about crowdfunding campaigns and about what moves the masses by looking at the new king of Kickstarter: the Coolest Cooler.

Yep, a cooler. Surprised? Me too. It’s less of an invention and more of a DIY combination of existing inventions. This cooler has more features than a Ferrari: a Bluetooth-powered speaker, USB port, wheels that can handle the beach, a blender, a bottle opener, LEDs, and a divided internal compartment that holds up to 60 quarts of beer. It manages to be both practical and luxurious, and folks pledged more money than they did for the Veronica Mars movie, Reading Rainbow, and the previous Kickstarter champ, the Pebble smart watch. Those three projects are the types of projects I’d expect to see make history at Kickstarter. Veronica Mars has a huge fan following and had generated movie-related buzz for years, Reading Rainbow has LeVar Burton and the power of nostalgia, and Pebble features cutting-edge smart technology. But the Coolest reigns supreme.


Google Reveals Their Secret Drone Delivery Program

project wingDespite the thorniness of FAA regulations (or lack thereof), Google recently revealed that it too has a drone delivery program underway. Project Wing has been in the works for a couple of years as part of the undercover Google[X] lab, and has been generating lots of buzz since Thursday’s announcement. The question remains, though: will Google be able to overcome the FAA? And beyond that, how will it fair in competition against Amazon?

The biggest immediate difference between the Amazon and Google’s deliver drones are the crafts themselves. Amazon would likely use a relatively small quadcopter device, while Google’s vehicle is bigger and burlier—a winged airplane/helicopter hybrid with four rotors that flies with the authority of something more like a traditional plane. After a couple years of development, Google decided it was ready to test out its drones, so they went to Australia to escape the watchful eye of the FAA.


Oculus Rift Brings Amazing Virtual Reality Experience To Roller Coasters

So, I don’t think we need to hype up the amazingness of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, do we? The company is constantly excelling at creating some truly unique experiences, and the Augmented Thrill Ride Project is no different. Here, the designers, engineers and computer whizzes (or whomever) have created an immersive experience that takes roller coaster riders to the next level. Take a look at the video below and get your mind blown and your stomach turned.

Thomas Wagner, who conceived this mind-boggling idea, is a professor of Virtual Design at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern in Germany. Back in February, he got in touch with German roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides, who granted Wagner the use of two roller coasters for the purposes of research and development of the Oculus Rift version of a theme park ride. (The rides were Europa-Park’s Blue Fire and Pegasus.) Through well over a hundred test rides, Wagner and his team created some wild and crazy virtual travels, and now they’re able to publicly share them with the world.


The Walking Dead Cast Members Share How They Want Their Characters To Die

the walking dead

“At some point everyone dies on The Walking Dead,” observes Michael “Abraham” Cudlitz in a recent Entertainment Weekly feature. For it, several stars from AMC’s hit zombie drama divulged how they would want to see their characters meet their end on the series, and it’s not as dark as you’d think. Conversely, I could write a depressingly graphic book listing ways I wish Carl would die, and I may get around to it one of these days. But Chandler Riggs isn’t a part of this, unfortunately.

Of anyone, it seems likely that The Walking Dead will follow the comics in keeping Rick Grimes alive for the duration of the show. But that’s no guarantee of his safety in the finale, and Andrew Lincoln’s choice was pretty simple. “Maybe a kid should take me out,” he told EW. Lincoln said he tried to get showrunner Scott Gimple to promise that Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” would play over the credits in the episode where Rick dies. And in the event that it doesn’t happen on the show, Lincoln asks for everyone at home to put the song on in respect.


Bonkers Action Flick The Scribbler Gets Bloody With A Moody NSFW Trailer

I’ve talked about John Suits’ futuristic thriller The Scribbler here before, and it’s always with a sense of “WTF is happening?” Not wishing to sound like a broken record in introducing the film’s recent NSFW international trailer, I of course don’t want to continue harping on the inarticulate approach to this movie’s marketing, but I’m delightfully intrigued all over again by sheer confusion. Maybe one of my other personalities knows the situation.

Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy stars as Suki, a woman suffering from multiple-personality disorder. She moves into a halfway house with other former mental patients, attempting to cure herself with a new, experimental procedure involving a personality destroyer called The Siamese Burn. Each time Suki uses it to eliminate one of her other personas, the machine begins to change, affecting Suki’s life as it does.


Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

Streamers! After a short hiatus, your favorite Giant Freakin’ Robot streaming column is back! (Just because it wins that distinction by default doesn’t mean it’s not a victory.) We’ve given Cross the Streams a bit of a facelift, and we’ll be moving forward by sticking to the five most notable new movies and TV series that the Internet has to offer by way of streaming, for better or worse. If this means we’ll have to leave all the $15,000 creature features behind, so be it.

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