NASA’s Newest Warp Drive Ship Design Is A Thing Of Beauty

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WarpDriveI’m guessing any fan of GFR dreams of living long enough to see our species actually spread out beyond our own solar system. If that’s going to happen, we really need some sort of game-changing technology that can overcome the ridiculous distances between the stars without requiring us to resort to generation ships and centuries-long voyages. Well, imagine our surprise — and childish, unrestrained glee — when the story broke a few years back that NASA was working on an actual, honest-to-gosh warp drive. Sadly, this was a “purely theoretical for the moment” kind of situation, which means we can’t book passage to the Uncharted Territories just yet. Well, that reality is even more frustrating right now, because the latest designs for NASA’s warp ship look like they were pulled directly from my eight-year-old brain after a particularly aggressive Star Trek marathon.


Quantum-Thruster Physics May Be The Key To Warp Drives

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warp drive

Faster-than-light technology is one of those sci-fi inventions that I frequently wish was reality (along with replicators). I’ll take a Battlestar Galactica-style FTL drive, a Babylon 5 jump gate, or a Star Trek-style warp drive. I mean, it’s cool that the speed of light is so pivotal, but wouldn’t it be awesome to go even faster than that? It’s one of those wishes that scientists generally predict won’t come true (at least any time soon), like time travel. I take great pleasure in saying that those scientists might be wrong.

I guess one good thing about NASA being out of the space shuttle business is that they have some time to work on other stuff, such as warp drives. And since we know NASA doesn’t have extra money kicking around, if they’re working on it, it must be possible…right?