Transformers 4 Gets A Poster And A Name — Transformers: Age Of Extinction

age of extinctionA few days ago, possible titles for the new Transformers movie surfaced on the Internet. The titles varied in impact, but they all revolved around the end of the world with titles such as Transformers: Apocalypse, Transformers: Last Stand, and Transformers: Future Cast. It appears as if Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are going with another title that points directly to the appearance of the now-confirmed Dinobots.

According to Yahoo!, the title for the fourth installment, and the beginning of a new trilogy, is Transformers: Age of Extinction. The title suggests this film is part of a new era in the film series, while at the same time referencing the Dinobots. It’s unclear how the Dinobots will be introduced into the new film, but it’s interesting to note that the Dinobots are an independent faction of the Transformers. They are not mutually exclusive to the Autobots, although they tend to side with them almost all of the time.

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