The Simpsons

  • Franchise: The Simpsons
  • Released: December 17, 1989
  • Creator: Matt Groening
  • Studio: 20th Television
  • Streaming On: Disney+ and Hulu
  • Starring: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright

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Disney+ Undergoing New Features To Keep You Binge Watching

Disney+ doesn’t think you’re binge-watching nearly enough. A new report in the Wall Street Journal says that Disney is aiming …

7 hours ago

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The Best ’90s Sitcom On Fox Is Being Completely Forgotten

The Fox Network gave early 1990s audiences a series that is either a comedic gem or a piece of flushable …

1 week ago

Netflix Gives Beloved Card Game Wild Adaptation

Exploding Kittens started off as a popular card game. The game was designed by The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, …

2 weeks ago

The Epic Stephen King Novel Strikingly Similar To The Simpsons Movie

Parallel thought among creatives is a fascinating subject to tackle because once an idea is spoken into existence, it’s basically …

2 weeks ago

The Scariest Simpsons Episode Isn’t A Treehouse Of Horror Special

When it comes to Halloween episodes, The Simpsons are best known for their annually recurring Treehouse of Horror specials that …

3 weeks ago

Marge Simpson Sarcophagus Discovered

At this point, The Simpsons has been on the air for so long that it almost feels hard to imagine …

4 weeks ago

Rebel Wilson Says Only Gay Actors Playing Gay Roles Is ‘Total Nonsense’

In the last several years, the sexual, gender, and racial identities of actors has become a hot topic in Hollywood, …

1 month ago

Kelsey Grammer’s Best Character Isn’t Frasier Crane

Frasier and Cheers fans may not want to hear this, but the role that Kelsey Grammer was born to play …

2 months ago

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The Simpsons Kill Off Character After 35 Years, Fans In Disbelief

In true sitcom fashion, The Simpsons typically maintains the status quo, without often showcasing canon events like the death of …

3 months ago

simpsons house

The Real Life Simpsons House Is An Absolute Nightmare

Jeff Charney was serving as marketing director for Nevada home builders Kaufman and Broad when he was struck with a …

3 months ago

Andrew Scott Slams Fleabag Fans With Cruel Jokes

If you’re a Fleabag fan who still throws the 2016 series on occasionally, actor Andrew Scott has a message for …

3 months ago

The Secret Simpsons Movie You Didn’t Know Existed

Fans of The Simpsons’ golden era will always be the first people to tell you how brilliant the writing was …

4 months ago

The Simpsons Should Have Ended With The Movie

The Simpsons is one of the most recognizable shows of all time, with numerous brand deals, T-shirt placements, and over …

4 months ago

Disney+ Animated Sitcom Is Better Than The Simpsons

Animated series The Simpsons has just been renewed for its 24th and 25th seasons, taking it through 2025. It’s clearly …

4 months ago

How Homer Ruined The Simpsons

The Simpsons is currently in its 35th season, and many die-hard “Golden Era” fans will tell you that the series …

4 months ago

the simpsons ending

The Simpsons Ending Is Long Overdue And Might Not Even Matter Anymore

Last year, Fox announced that the longest running sitcom in the history of American television was getting renewed for its …

4 months ago

Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars Crossover That Can Save Two Franchises

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it opened the door for a number of potential crossovers. The X-Men vs Avengers, …

5 months ago

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Controversial Streaming Series Still Packs A Punch, No Matter What Age You Are

Back in the ‘90s, series like Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren & Stimpy somehow slipped past the censors and were …

5 months ago

Nicole Kidman Controversial New Series Gets Censored

The new Nicole Kidman-led drama series Expats is being blocked in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong despite the story being set …

6 months ago

Sitcoms Are Dead For One Brutal Reason

Sitcoms have been a television staple for decades, providing easy laughs to audiences worldwide. However, in recent years, there has …

6 months ago

The Simpsons Movie 2 In The Works

Recently, 20th Century Studios announced that James L. Brooks would be making his grand return to the director’s chair in …

8 months ago

The Simpsons Controversy Causes Co-Creator To React And Fans Are Flipping Out

Why you little…! Despite all of the recent headlines to the contrary, it looks as though Homer Simpson will continue …

8 months ago


See The Simpsons In Live-Action Directed By Wes Anderson

AI-generated images have turned The Simpsons into live-action characters in a sitcom directed by Wes Anderson. The photos, shared on …

11 months ago

10 Best Wrestler Guest Appearances In Television History

The best wrestler guest appearances on television come from Kane, Mick Foley, and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

1 year ago

Top 10 TV Theme Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

The catchiest tv theme songs come from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Simpsons, and Cheers.

1 year ago

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The Most Memorable TV Show Theme Songs Of All Time

The best TV theme songs include Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

1 year ago

Star Wars Joins Forces With The Simpsons In New Short Film

Star Wars and The Simpsons released a four-minute video for May the Fourth.

1 year ago

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10 Times The Simpsons Accurately Predicted The Future

The Simpsons has correctly predicted Super Bowls, tiger attacks, and President Donald Trump.

1 year ago


The Simpsons Made Huge Mistake By Dropping Apu

When The Simpsons took away the role of Apu, it set a bad precedent.

1 year ago