Art Show Imagines Blade Runner 2054 And Other Sequels That Never Were

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Science fiction film history is filled with fascinating projects that never quite came together, a steady stream of “what if?” projects in a genre fixated and propelled along by that very question. We’re talking about Steven Spielberg’s Night Skies, the batshit-crazy project that evolved into E.T.; or Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, or a William Gibson-scripted Alien 3. Those daydream speculations about movies we wish were real is at the heart of Los Angeles art gallery iam8bit’s new show “Sequel.” Described as “part tribute and part cultural commentary,” the show opens this week at the gallery on Sunset Boulevard, and features a ton of artists creating poster art for films that never were, such as Blade Runner 2054 (art by Cory Schmitz).



Cross The Streams With Star Trek Into Darkness, The Rocketeer, And More

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Hi, this is Nick Venable from the future, where I’m friends with Wolverine and Professor X and stuff. There’s all kinds of Sentinels where I’m from. And Peter Dinklage has a mustache. It’s real crazy. And while you’re waiting for the future to get here, why not spend a day or two catching up with some of the most recent streaming science fiction?

Here’s what’s new this week in streaming science fiction!

The More Recent

star trek into darknessStar Trek Into Darkness (Amazon Prime, Netflix Instant, Redbox Instant)
Have you ever had a piece of cake that was gorgeous on the outside but full of misplaced disaster inside? That’s kind of what watching J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness was like. A beautiful CGI creation that takes viewers from one place in the galaxy to another, Into Darkness‘ visual appeal and all-star cast can’t make up for a lackluster and often goofy script. Maybe one could blame it on the piss-poor marketing campaign with Benedict Cumberbatch’s “mystery” role at its center. Maybe it was just a lame story. Either way, Simon Pegg FTW!


Disney Is Looking To The Rocketeer For A New Reboot

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It looks like Disney is digging through their vault to see what old properties they can trot out. Sources from within the Mouse House reveal that perhaps Disney may give The Rocketeer a shot at a possible reboot or remake.

Vulture’s spies have reported that Disney is currently taking a look at Joe Johnston’s 1991 film The Rocketeer as a potential new franchise. Although the film tanked at the box office in 1991, the property has a lot of geek credibility and enthusiasm behind it. The new studio chief Alan Horn is looking to dig deeper into current Disney properties rather than just relying on their acquisitions including Pixar, Marvel, and the Muppets.

The Rocketeer starred Billy Campbell as test pilot Cliff Secord, who finds himself in the middle of a mob war and a Nazi takeover when he discovers a rocket device hidden inside of a biplane. The Disney film also featured Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, Timothy Dalton, and Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hughes.


Barba-Hell-No: Seven Movies That Should Be TV Shows Before Barbarella

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A few weeks ago when it was announced that the director of Drive was working on a Barbarella TV series, my brain experienced a cognitive dissonance that gave me a concussion. Why would a fellow as talented Nicolas Winding Refn want anything to do with a movie that I’d only ever heard bad things about? Things like “That movie made me bleed from the eyeballs,” or “That movie stole all my traveler’s checks and then punched me in the solar plexus.” Never having seen the film, I realized my preconceptions could be wrong. Perhaps Barbarella contained some unseen brilliance just waiting for me to discover it. So I watched it.

Let me just say this: there are a lot of people out there that have a serious mad-on for Barbarella actress Jane Fonda. Some would claim this is because of her politics, or because of her actions during the Vietnam War that earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.” I’m here to tell you that those are red herrings. Anyone who hates Jane Fonda has unquestionably been forced to sit through Barbarella at some point. This is a movie that made me question mankind’s capacity for goodness. This is a movie that made me bored of the mostly naked female form. I’m pretty sure this movie gave me diabetes.

I still don’t know whether Nicolas Winding Refn has been kidnapped and is being forced to make a Barbarella TV series at gunpoint, but all of this did get me thinking. Thinking of all the science fiction movies that are more deserving of the TV treatment than Barbarella. That list is practically endless, but here are seven of them.

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Become A Rocketeer: Buy Your Own Working Jetpack

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Believe it or not, working, actual jetpacks have been a reality since 1953. That’s when Bell Labs built the first rocket belt. Unfortunately, since then the technology hasn’t really progressed and, what’s worse they haven’t been available to purchase for the general public. Until now.

A Mexican start-up company called Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana is now selling it’s own version of the custom-made rocket belt for $250,000. Or if you don’t trust Mexican aerospace technology, their competitor Jetpack International of Colorado is selling their version of the rocket belt for $155,000.

What do you get for your money? You get not only the actual jetpack, but a series of flying lessons as well.

It’s not all great though. The thing is jetpack technology has never actually gotten very good. The rocket belts weigh a little over 100lbs and they only stay up in the air for a little over 30 seconds. Worse it’s pretty easy to get killed while flying one, since they never get far enough off the ground to make parachutes a viable option and when it runs out of fuel it just stops and you plummet towards the pavement. Watch those fuel gauges, rocketeers!


The Rocketeer Arrives On Blu-ray For Its 20th Anniversary

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One of the most underrated movies of the 90s turns 20 this year. Believe it or not, The Rocketeer has been around for that long.

The Rocketeer arrives on Blu-ray December 13th as a single disc release. Disney hasn’t released many details on what kind of extra features they’ll include, but here’s your first look at the movie’s Blu-ray cover art:The Rocketeer Blu-ray