The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Adds Game Of Thrones Star Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline ChristieThe third and fourth installment of The Hunger GamesMockingjay Part 1 and 2, respectively—recently lost a key player with the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Now, the final chapter in the adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s young adult trilogy has lost another piece. Lily Rabe recently bowed out of Part 2, as Commander Lyme, but multiple sources report that the role has just been filled by Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.

Be careful, there are SPOILERS for the Mockingjay movies beyond this point.

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Ladies First: The Best Female Characters Of Sci-Fi Film And Television

RipleyLoaderOne of the reasons we love science fiction is because there’s no shortage of strong, dynamic, fascinating female characters kicking around the galaxy, a trait that isn’t always a given in other genres. Iconic characters like Ripley and Sarah Connor have become the bar by which most other female heroines are measured against, but thankfully sci-fi doesn’t limit its badass females strictly to the most obvious form of badassery. Our favorite sci-fi heroines might have what it takes to field-strip a pulse rifle, or they might have the fortitude to lead a desperate fleet of mankind’s remnants across the stars to a new home. They might be able to take down multiple murderous cyborgs, or they might have the courage to serve as inspiration for revolution against an oppressive government.

When it came time for us to pick out favorite female characters from science fiction film and television, the task was more than daunting. After several rounds of voting, arguing, throwing things, and threats of blackmail, we finally whittled our list down to 19, our picks for the very best, most interesting, most compelling, most badass female characters the genre has had to offer across film and TV. We’re listing them in alphabetical order by last name, but it’s strangely appropriate who wound up as number one regardless…

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Deleted Scenes Plus Four New Stills

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the highest grossing film of 2013, the first female-fronted movie to do so in four decades. Now that it has hit the home video market, you can bet it’s going to move a ton of units there, too. To accompany the Blu-ray/DVD/VOD/streaming/what-have-you release, a ton of new stuff from the film has been surfacing, including this deleted scene and a collection of four behind the scenes stills from production.

This video, from MTV, starts off with some funny back and forth between Sam Claflin, who plays the hunky former tribute Finnick Odair, and Jenna Malone, who plays the cold, vicious Johanna Mason, another previous winner of the Hunger Games. Like with any literary adaptation, there are going to be scenes that are cut out, either in the scripting process, or they are filmed, but left on the cutting room floor. Most of Mason’s scenes made their way into the finished product, which already brushes up against the two-and-a-half hour mark. Apparently Claflin wasn’t so fortunate, which is where this clip comes from.

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Amazon’s List Of 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime Includes Dune, 1984, And More

The Internet does love a list. (And who am I kidding, so do we.) But of all the random, clever, or ludicrous lists out there cluttering up cyberspace, we tend to perk up a bit when the list in question involves books we really ought to read. Amazon recently compiled just such a list, their definitive guide to “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.” Which is, I think you’ll agree, a bit more cheerful of an outlook than the usual variant, “100 Books to Read Before You Die.”

Our beloved science fiction genre doesn’t always get the attention it deserves on these, with many such lists favoring more “respectable” mainstream literature. To that, we say poo-poo. And while our personal list would almost certainly include more SF, Amazon’s 100 does at least have several of the genre’s biggest talents included. Check out the lucky winners below, then stalk off muttering about how they left off your favorite Star Trek paperback.


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How Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Will Affect The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

PHS Catching FireOver the weekend tragedy struck with the unexpected death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent drug overdose. He was one of the most celebrated and beloved actors in Hollywood, appearing in movies from world-class directors Paul Thomas Anderson, Bennett Miller, and Joel & Ethan Coen. At the end of his life, Mr. Hoffman appeared in a supporting, yet major, role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He played the new Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee. At the time of his death, he was in the middle of shooting its sequel films Mockingjay – Part One & Part Two. Many have wondered how his death would affect the production, and now we know.

According to THR, Lionsgate executives held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the future of The Hunger Games film franchise without Hoffman. Director Francis Lawrence was shooting Mockingjay – Part One & Part Two at the same time, and it was reported that Hoffman finished shooting on the first of the two films, but still had seven more days left of shooting on the second. Apparently, one major scene in part two will have to be re-written before production can start up again in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the outlet, there are only five months left in production on Mockingjay – Part Two.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Teaser Poster Released

the-hunger-games-mockingjay-teaser-one-sheetThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One is likely to be one of the biggest hit movies of 2014. With Catching Fire about to be released on home video in a few months, it’s never too early to start the marketing push for the next installment. Now Lionsgate has released the film’s first teaser poster, which features a variation of a very familiar logo.

If you watched Catching Fire (and considering its hefty box office, there’s a good chance that you did), you’ll recall that the film ends with Katniss Everdeen waking up to the evils of The Capitol and President Snow. She becomes the new face of the rebellion that hopes to bring an end to the oligarchy, as the film smash cuts to black and the Catching Fire logo turns into the Mockingjay symbol. It’s a powerful conclusion to the film, and the teaser poster sticks with that image, putting the Mockingjay logo front and center.

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